I’m breaking into hives


I’m not at Disney and I’m not currently planning a trip. I’m not sure this has ever happened to me and I don’t know what to do with myself. We have “loose” plans for a 25th couples anniversary trip and a regular family trip both in 2019 and a ginormous family trip in 2020, but nothing is set yet. I’m getting itchy.


2019 is right around the corner, you could start looking around at possible plans for then just to, you know, preplan and be ready to plan for real when your dates firm up! March will be my 3rd trip in 10 months and my 5th in 2 years and then we likely won’t be back for at least 2 years, maybe 3. Not sure how I’m going to cope!


When in 2019?? You could start planning now… im a few years out but I’m having fun researching new hotels…


Oh heck yes, start planning now. Especially if you’re going to be there after SW:GE opens- you need to have a game plan in place! I don’t know how far ahead you can book rooms but you might need to start looking now if it’s for December of next year!

I won’t be visiting until the end of May and started about a month ago, but feel like I’m barely getting in under the wire. Even today I talked to DH for an hour until his eyes glazed over- and made major plan changes for our trip afterwards as a result.


Right now the plan is to go with a ridiculously large group in 2020 (probably about 30-40 of us total). The timing of that trip is what’s causing me to hesitate planning 2019 and actually make reservations. Going in January 2020 is completely different than going in October 2020. As an added wrench in the works, an aunt expressed excitement about going in 2019! The main reason this whole trip got started was because of SWGE, so I’m pretty sure I can convince them it’s way to risky to go fall 2019 because probably it won’t be open. I’m pushing for October 2020. It gives SWGE more time to get out the kinks and it gives everyone more time to save up $$. If that’s how it ends up, then I’d like to go on our Anniversary trip in May-ish 2019 and an immediate family trip in October. The school holidays are lining up nicely in 2019 for DD14 to not miss too much school. I can arrange it so she only misses 2 days. There’s no school Wed 10/9 and Mon 10/14. It also will bridge nicely with DS19’s college schedule. He gets off 2 days mon-tue 10/14 & 10/15. So he and his girlfriend can meet us down there on Sat and stay a day longer. BUT, I’d really like to be there for some kind of DVC or AP SWGE preview event. Probably that won’t be in October. And if we go large family in Jan 2020, Oct 2019 is too close. If we go large family Jan 2020, probably I would sacrifice the anniversary trip and go immediate family the week after Easter – that’s when DD14 has off for the holiday, which lines up nicely with crowd levels. Not so much with flight prices. If we do that, then we’re leaving DS19 behind at college because he doesn’t have off. Which is fine. His older brother missed a trip or two because of school. However, I’m running out of time to make that happen. Flights are full and getting more expensive by the day. The plan is to nail down the logistics for the large group trip during the Thanksgiving festivities next week. Once I know that, I can move forward. Theoretically.