I literally loathe Disney right now

Some of you will know of the ceaseless frustration I have had in trying to order a customised premium magic band. Not only has Disney been breathtakingly incompetent in rolling out this new feature to on-site guests, but my three attempts to complain about it have all been ignored.

I decided to try another route. I thought I’d order the MB I want on the Disney store and have it shipped to my resort. As part of my package I have a 15% discount.

All was going well until I entered the discount code. Which was not recognised.

It seems pretty clear the universe does not want me to have this magic band.

This is so not a magical start to my vacation. It’s just a massive irritation.

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I did try to pm you the name and contact details of my Disney CS rep but apparently you don’t accept pm’s. At least not from me. :joy:

Oh dear…

Would it help to remind you that you weren’t that bothered about the magic band originally?

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I don’t think they ever allow % off discounts on magic bands at Disney store. I’ve tried many different times.

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Just wear gray in protest. And because it’s cool. And it goes with everything.

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Oh! When I was reborn as mousematt I changed my settings after having had an, er, unpleasant experience in my previous incarnation. Sorry!

I think there’s a workaround.

No. It would not.


I’m imagining now your hotel room filled to overflowing with the MB you’re after from so many of us


Yes, this. Magic Bands are not discounted. They also won’t apply a AP discount nor Disney Rewards Visa discount on them.

you can use the AP discount in the parks though right? I thought I saw people talking about discounts on MBs

They’ve provided a special code for those who cannot get them through the usual ordering-with-your-package method which has been a total cluster

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That, I can’t answer. I was talking about the Disney store site/app.

This will go down in business history in the same category as New Coke — an example of a company completely messing something up and just making people mad for no reason.




I’m sorry, what? We’re to be sending him our MBs?

Pretty sure it does apply to MBs.


Ok I won’t.

The same new coke that is coming back out 32 years later that sold out in like an hour?

They messed up so bad it became pop culture. Now, with the Stranger Things show, it is being reincarnated and people long for that nostalgia.

Brilliant move, Disney. Brilliant move.

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Good. I would hate for us to fall out over it had you done so.

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Well I just might do.

Because I would hate for him to later regret not being reminded. We know how much he likes to modify / tweak / <insert other synonym for change here>.

So @mousematt, you may wish to avail yourself of your previous opinion on the matter of said magic band. Or not. :grinning:

There is no inconsistency here.

This is now a matter of principle.

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