I know this is not facebook...but

been a disney day…once again using my disney visa with Yoda…server chased me down to tell me she loved my card. but the best…my very macho 6’2" 23 year old stopped by today and I heard him singing “when you wish upon a star” laughing yes out loooooud


I went to the post office to mail 4 boxes of Valentine’s Day candy from our local chocolate shop to my kids and nephew last week- had my BB8 Disney Visa card and the clerk definitely noticed. He said it was the best card he’d seen all week!


aww. been a bittersweet 3 months for me @pod. lost my dad but so many good things happened. this forum means the world to me


I’m so sorry to hear that! I think the best people are drawn to the Happiest Place On Earth. I’m glad you have found some comfort here.

My own sis’s dear FIL passed just this morning. My DD and I are going out to CA in a few days for the service and to help move MIL into my sis’ home- they mean a lot to us as my own parents passed over 30 years ago when I was quite young. DD lived nearby during her college years. He was a grandpa to her, the only one she ever knew.

But it sounds like you have some great things to look forward to with your own son- I also have one that age (and size!!) he doesn’t live here, but I’ll be seeing him soon- at WDW. :slightly_smiling_face: