I just don't get it. (CLs)

So yesterday came a new update from TP regarding the CL levels of our travel dates. All except one park day went up. So I went into my plans and reevaluated everything.

Absolutely nothing changed. Not a single wait time went up. I don’t get it.

Anyhow, I know it is still too far out to know anything with any sense if certainty… but I still don’t understand why the CLs change when wait times do not.

We are going in May as well. I evaluated the one plan I have and it increased wait times by a few minutes for each attraction. Interesting that yours did not.

I just re-evaluated my January plans - nothing changed, even for a minute. The CLs, however, went from 5 to 7 for most days. Could it be that the algorithm was not updated yet with new CLs?
May need to try again in a few days…

I think it’s all Voodoo magic and they need some new chicken bones…

But for a more rational answer… Your several dozen attractions at their specific times are but a small drop in an ocean of data that is crunched by the TP algorithms. If your TP was already optimized, there’s a good chance that a small increase in overall CL may not have all that much of an effect on your specific times.

The algorithm starts with predicted wait times of specific attractions; the CLs are then derived from the wait time numbers.

I thought of that. Just surprised that across all days, not a single ride changed.

When did you last update your TPs? Maybe it was already using the most recent crowd levels and it just gets finalized later?

I think this is fairly likely. The software might pull CLs from a database that needs to be refreshed. Even though the CL is based on wait times, I doubt that the crowd calendar is drawing from the personalized TP app - more likely the other way around.

Also, it seems that no matter what, when I refresh a TP something changes, even if I change it minutes apart. Statistical simulations always yield different results each time they are run. So I would try again later - something must not have been syncing. That’s my guess, anyway.

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Updated mine about a week before.

Probably a week ago.

Maybe your plan is so amazing that even higher CLs can’t mess with it. Please share with the rest of us :slight_smile:

Yeah. That must be it, I’m sure. :wink:

I think wait times sometimes don’t change much because parts of the park open up that may not have been open, so crowds can diffuse into those shows, attractions, stores and eateries, and ride queues also can open up. I know that’s what happens when you go from very low to moderate CL.

That’s why very low crowd levels can sometimes be frustrating because so much is closed. Disney has gotten pretty clever about their labor management- well they think they’re clever. For us it means every day can feel like at least a 7.