I just discovered After Hours

Thanks to this thread I checked and they just opened DAH while we are there in May. We have EMM for TSL @DHS and FL @MK at the moment, but now that DAH has opened up, I am not sure what to do! This is my first trip and I am going with another mom who has been once. It was actually a solo trip for me, then my friend asked to tag along. Due to her schedule we could only go for 5 days, so I really want to make the most of it. What are your thoughts? EMM, DAH, both??? Ahhhhg!


DAH, you can get much more done especially in MK. It is more money but worth it for the extra time. You will be surprised how many rides you can do in 3 hours. Last time I also had $35 worth of Mickey bars, soda and popcorn. EMM limits how much you can do but you get breakfast. As far as HS and AK are concerned you should be able to do every ride during DAH. I will usually go the park during the day and take in all the shows.


Yeah, I’m looking for the first week in Oct… we start on Sunday, Sept 29.

I would do a combination. It’s true that you can get more rides done at DAH, but I really prefer the feeling of MK during the day, and especially first thing in the morning.

If I could choose I would do MK EMM, and then DAH at HS and AK. That’s just me though.


I think I would choose DAH at MK and AK, then EMM at HS. I have an AP so it is easy for me to go early for DAH. When I go to MK I have earlier FP for Splash, 7 Dwarfs, and BTMRR. I also will do Monsters Inc, Philharmagic, and COP before DAH starts. Then I can do just about every other ride during the event.

Kinda the same at AK. I would get a FP for KS, FOTLK and Nemo and do them all before DAH starts. Also would catch Bug and walk the trails during the day. At night you can focus on Pandora, EE, and Dino.

For HS I will only do the EMM. Mostly because wife can only do TOT and R&R once, so they and ST are easy enough to get the FP for after the morning event. We can still ride SDD and TSM many times as well as ASS once(don’t need more than 1). Then spend the rest of the day taking in the shows.


We loved the EMM at MK. Even though it’s a shorter time period, the rides are so close together, it’s easy to get 8-10 rides in before RD.

But it really comes down to whether you want to do just fantasyland (EMM) or the whole park (DAH); and also whether you’re a morning person or night owl. It was definitely a stretch for me to stay up that late after a full day.


This is news to me. I want to do it to ride FOP several times. If I have to wait 53 minutes it’s not worth it to me. Anyone else have experiences with FOP during After Hours?

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I did ride it twice as well as 10 other rides on other attractions. Each FoP ride including preshows take about 20-25 minutes. If they continue to ask you not to enter Pandora until 30 minutes after the event begins, I think you are limited on how many times you could do it?

The problem is, my traveling partner is a morning person, but I am (within reason) a night person.

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I am curious, do you know why they asked you not to go to Pandora for 30 minutes after the event starts? Were they not letting anyone go to Pandora?

They said they wanted the regular day crowd to get through FoP before the after hours guests arrived.

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Seems like this cuts into your time. FOP is the only ride worth my time at AK because I dont do rollercosters.

you mean in the last 1hr & 50 mins you were there you only got to ride FOP and Navi River 2 times? That doesnt seem like little to no wait if you only got to ride 2x in almost 2 hours. What was the wait time for each of these in the last 2 hours of the event?

Its because the park crowd that got in line before the DAH event started is still waiting in an hour or more long queue to ride FOP, so they are still waiting in line to ride even when the DAH event is an hour into the event.

I did MK at 6 for DAH it was so crowded yesterday! If I do it again on a crowded day, I will not go until closer to closing time.

The event I went to was scheduled from 8:30-11:30. The park closed at 8:00. From 8-8:35 I did EE 3x, then we went to Dinoland and did Triceratop Spin and Dinosair 2x. It was about 9 when we grabbed snacks and returned to EE for 3 more rides. We started heading to Pandora a little after 9:30. At first we looked for snacks. The flyer said the snacks were in Dinoland , Asia, and Pandora. We found the 2nd cart outside of It’s Tough to be a Bug. That cart only had drinks and popcorn so we walked to Pandora. We found a snack cart there and grabbed popcorn, drinks, and ice cream as we walked to Navi. It was almost 9:50 at this time. After Navi we went to FoP . We completed that ride at 10:37 and entered the queue again. We actually felt pretty good. Perfect time to ride one or two more times or decide to ride once and then get a snack- right? In theory yes- but sometimes there are issues. We were loaded in for our second time through when they told us there was an issue. They walked us backstage and put us back in line. When the guest in front of me asked if we had to do the preshows again they were told, “no- you can leave”. Of course attractions found down can happen. I just want people to have realistic expectations. My first ride took about 30 minutes. If you focus on FoP only I would expect 4 maybe 5 rides ? It has a long queue, and the preshows take time. They often seem to reset. I may one day do AK. I hope they have learned to put more than one CM on at the food carts. I liked that I could go into one or two stores or Casey’s at mK.