I just discovered After Hours

Is a DAH a great alternative to daytime touring in terms of just getting rides done? Also, do you just pay the DAH cost or do you also have to have a day pass into the park, as well?

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It is a great alternative if you only want to do one park day on a short trip. You do not have to have a day ticket and you can enter at 7pm.

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That’s what I’m hoping for next year. We’re doing a Disney cruise, but if we come in a day early we won’t be able to make RD, but would be just fine with an after hours party.

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Yes! If the dates work it would be perfect.

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We did AK DAH about 6 weeks ago and FOP was walk-on all night long. At 7pm we did Dino and a couple spins on EE. We went to FOP around 8, and it was completely empty. They didn’t offer to let us stay on the banshee, but we could’ve easily ridden it multiple times with no wait. They were running the DAH people through the FP line and when we got to the top, just before they put you into the pre-show rooms we asked if we could see the lab and the avatar-in-a-jar in the standby line. They were happy to take us in there and tell us some things about it.

I LOVED the DAH at AK. Highly, highly recommend.


This is really reassuring–we are doing DAH at AK next week and reading this thread was making me nervous.


Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

I will. It’s not sold out yet and I am hoping it doesn’t, but it is the last one currently listed for AK so I wonder if it might.

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Is it this date?

Oh, crap. Yes it is. Wow I just bought the tickets yesterday. I think I am glad I did.


Looks like as of this morning more dates have been added thru June


It’s about time! I’m glad they added dates…surprised they waited this long to do so, though.

For AK, they only added 6 dates. MK, 5 dates. HS, 9 dates. So they are still being a bit stingy about their offerings thus far, except for HS.

As you get into the 3rd week of May and most of June MK is open until 10PM anyway with many Magic hours going to 12 or 1AM. Not sure why they didn’t add more in AK.

I am most interested to see if they add any HS dates after SWGE opens.

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Well, I am still waiting for July. I just added EMM at MK for our trip since I doubt at this point they will add DAH before I can make our FPP reservations in early May. I now have a Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C for several days of our trip depending upon if they ever release July dates for DAH and also the FEA dessert party!

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Unfortunately that is the only way you can do it. I am doing the same for September, I made EMM reservation in case they don’t ad DAH

I’m dying for them to add more EMM dates as well. I also have a plan A and a plan B…thinking about adding a plan C… this is getting complicated!

Geez, yeah, do they normally release them so close to the 60-day window? I would hate to have to re-do my whole vacation schedule to adjust for After Hours.

They do have EMM at MK thru September, but HS only has it thru August. Guess they are trying to figure out what to do after SWGE opens

In our case, it actually impacts what tickets we would buy. And we buy our tickets much much earlier than they are releasing dates. So, if we can get DAH for AK, we would get one less day on our tickets. For our May 2020 trip, I’ll likely buy the tickets during the Black Friday sale at UT. But that means we can’t know if DAH will be available. It is very annoying.