I just did it

Call me crazy but I just booked our next vacation for late November 2018. I am so excited.

Now I can’t decide what’s worse: not knowing when I will go or knowing the dates, but not being able to do any planning and just habe to wait :joy:



You can easily simulate by using the same days of the week in 2017 as a guide for a pre-plan.
Use 2017 park hours and emh, and events like EMM, or desert parties, possible adr’s and rest spots. Nothing wrong with practicing.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I haven’t thought about this, but will definitely do :slight_smile:

We are booked for May 2018. I feel your pain.

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Do the planning anyway!
Yeah, you’ll need to modify them as time gets closer and things change… But it satisfies the itch and gives you something to do!


That’s what I did, then just updated the year as the dates become available.

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See, this is how I know you all are my people.