I heard a rumor

I heard that there are bathrooms in the stand by queue for FOP now. Anyone know if this is true. And if it is how does it work to keep your place in line?

I saw this.

I’m getting “Bad gateway” error when I try the link. Can you post the photo?

Here is the Twitter link


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Sorry the link didn’t work.


Don’t you still have to leave the queue, though? How do they manage that?

They are single use stalls and I heard a report on a podcast that a CM is there. I was trying to understand what they were saying. I believe your whole party can enter but there is one stall inside? Does that make sense?

if you need to use it your party steps out of line at the bathroom then gets back in the line at that point. so you only lose as many spots as it takes you to do your business.

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I was in FOP on saturday, a kid in front of me left for the bathroom in the final part of the queue. He went with a parent and their party was instructed to just wait there and continue onwards when they returned. Seemed to work fine


Does anyone else think these should henceforth be called the Pandora Pee Rooms?


Who else read the title of the thread and said/thought “They say you gotta broken heart.”
Anyone? :grin:


Bananarama rocks! Or should I say, “rocked”?:grinning:


I literally did! :rofl:

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