I have extra seats at Crystal Palace for 8 am on Tues Nov 4th

I have an 8 am ADR for 4 people for Crystal Palace on Tuesday 11/4 thanks to a lovely Liner on the November Liners FaceBook page. I'm not giving it up!

However, I will probably be solo or perhaps have 1 friend with me that day. I'm not sure if it will release a table for 2 if I call to change it, but I'd be willing to try if someone needs it. Alternatively, a group of 2 (or 3 if my friend decides to sleep in) would be welcome to join me at the 4-top table that I already have reserved. I'm friendly. Just let me know if you're interested!

What a nice offer! I wish we were going to MK that Tuesday! PS What's the Nov Liner FB page?

It's November 2014 Liners, and you have to request to join. I think Chyanna Siegel is the moderator. I think you can pull up the page and click on a link to send a request. https://www.facebook.com/groups/458484787628465/

I'm bumping this just in case anyone is interested. I'm planning to call and change my ADR from 4 people to 2 people tomorrow (9/30.)

Hi Sally-Do you still have this available? If so, I’d love to take you up on this offer for myself and my 2 kids! I’ve been scrambling with a last minute trip, and my son would be so upset to miss the Crystal Palace. Hoping I caught it in time. :slight_smile: Thank you! Holly

Oh, Holly, I’m sorry. I do still have the ADR for 4, but my friend has decided to join me, so I only have 2 extra seats, not 3. Darn. I’ll let you know if she changes her mind though. She’s rather flaky, so it’s entirely possible she’ll decide she doesn’t want to get up early for breakfast. I’ll be sure to PM you if she bails on breakfast. We could arrange to meet and sit together if she does that.

Thank you so much! Please keep us in mind if it doesn’t look like she’ll make it. :slight_smile:

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