I have been blocked

Ok we booked a Early Sept trip with the bounce back offer this Summer.
I went to go on the WDW sight to make a few plans and see what was going on.
My company has blocked the sight… what the what?
How am I going to fill my time? Work, you say? LOL
We have been deemed “essential” so we have to stay working, but as most people are not working and more and more of our customers temporarily close, I have so much extra time!
At least they didn’t take away my touring plans… YET!


Can you get around it? I can at my work if I take off the s in https.

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can you use wi-fi hot spot from your phone? then connect computer thru ur phone?

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I will try that.

I probably could hot spot it, and probably would/will if I ever need to do anything important. I just liked to waste time looking around

You need an iPad!!

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@quicha why? are ipads not able to be blocked by network restrictions for entertainment?
That is interesting…

You don’t need an iPad???

Are you using company VPN to access your company network from home? If so, try it without being logged into the VPN.


Thanks, yes at home on my network I have no problem.
I was actually being bad and planning trips or pretend trips at my work.
And yes as long as i am not on their network, I have no problems.
I do not get cellular service inside our factory. So hot spotting is not an option.
As an interesting twist, I have no problem when I use explorer. It seems that only Chrome flags it as entertainment… strange. But all is good now, and thank you all for your help.


I am also considered an essential worker.
At my work, I’m blocked from using IE to access the Disney sites, but Chrome works. Cell phone signal is also non-existent at my work. It’s some sort of black hole. I have to be about 50 feet away from the building.

That is interesting that IE works for me and not Chrome…but it is the opp. for you.
Well from my essential black hole to yours… stay safe.

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Unfortunately I am able to work from home too! When at work corporate network internet access is restricted by firewall due to data sensitivity and cyber security so if I need to access any blocked sites I have a standalone machine accessing through a gest network which is not as restricted.

The restricted access is there to prevent you from accessing anything that may harm the corporate network but primarily to stop you accessing Disney as they know you are addicted to it.

Stay safe :smiley:


Thanks Peter.