I have an interesting option!

If we can secure well priced airfare, I plan to take my four DD to WDW for MVMCP in November.

I intend to purchase my tickets through travelinghomeschoolers.com. They have been doing annual trips to WDW since 2006 and their 5-day park hoppers cost $378. They are good for a 21-day period, and participants MUST take part in an educational piece that WDW provides. For example, this April’s trip is Behind the Seeds. The price of the educational piece is included in the $378. Participants also have a “party” evening each trip. This April’s party is after hours at Typhoon Lagoon for 3 hours.

The education piece and party for November has not been announced yet, though other pieces of information HAVE been released as of today.

This might be OLD news… but I have never heard of this before.
Guests for this trip coming up are welcome to purchase the Pandora Breakfast for $50/pp.
I am quoting from the organizer at this point:


It will include a breakfast before the park opens, then a ride on Flights of Passage or the Na’vi River Journey (depending on age/height of the children). We’ll be escorted on those rides to be first (or among the first). You won’t need a fastpass for Flights or Na’vi (whichever one you do). Spots are very limited for this breakfast due to the attraction’s popularity. This is the first time they’re allowing us to do this breakfast (I’ve been asking since Pandora opened).

Now - I for one am not going to pay $250 for a breakfast and one ride. But I am just sharing it for the sake of conversation and as an example of some new offerings from WDW.


I’ve seen these come through my email before, but have never had the opportunity to actually go on one. That really isn’t a bad price!

A few months ago a friend at church mentioned it.
Though I normally wouldn’t buy park hoppers, it’s less than a four day base ticket, which is what I probably would have purchased anyway. It also includes the educational activity (hopefully it won’t be awful) and the party. I did move my dates from early December to November, but for that kind of savings…

Of course… this is all just in my imagination until I get airfare figured out.

Anyone can use this site, too, not just homeschoolers. But Disney stipulates ticket holders MUST do the educational activity.


@ryan1 may be interested in this.

Thanks for sharing. I think its a great deal. $378 for 5 day hoppers and it includes the tour and the party. Wish i would of known about this earlier. As for the Pandora breakfast, thats a tad steep for me as well… I wonder if thats something coming to the general public.? If they have it at Tusker House as a buffet with characters and early access to Pandora, then I might consider it.

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They have oodles of trips and have been around sometime.

Wow! I need to check this out for future trips! We keep adding kids to our family and it is getting sooo expensive! (Mouseketeer #5 on its way).

As long as they are educational activities at Disney and only take a few hours it would be worth it!


Just went thru the details snd they said you may not receive your tickets 60 or even 30 days in advance? That would make me nervous.

If you don’t register and pay by certain times.

In other words, they never run out of tickets: you can buy them anytime. But if you don’t leave enough turn around time you can miss the opportunity. :+1:.

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I’m pretty stoked. Today, the manager of this company posted the educational offers for the package.

I am quoting the author here:

Students (and at least one parent) must participate in one of our educational programs:
• Disney Visual Arts Programs (animation, drawing, photography, location to be announced) on Monday, November 18 ($20 extra fee for materials, ages 10 and up, age verification will be required)
• Behind the Seeds (at Epcot) on Wednesday, November 20 (ages 5 and up, age verification will be required)
• Caring for Giants (at Animal Kingdom) on Thursday, November 21 (ages 4 and up, age verification will be required)

I will absolutely pursue the Animal Kingdom offering. My DD loves elephants.


These are great options!!

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I wonder if you can upgrade the tickets to 6 or more days?


It says you can not:

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Wow! That’s pretty awesome!

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Check out this crazy wonderful development!!!


That’s pretty cool!