I have an A&E Meet FP+ and ADR Reservation "am i going to make it" Question

First, forgive me, as I know I put myself in this situation. Thanks for any opinions you can provide.

Ok, first, I’m going to be there the week before Easter this year, yep. It’s our first trip.

We have a Cinderella’s Royal Table ADR at 5:30pm.

I just got two barely overlapping A&E fastpasses for half of my family (the other half doesn’t care). One is from 4pm - 5pm. The other is from 4:50pm - 5:50pm.

Is it going to even be possible to jump in the FP line for A&E at 4:50pm and still make it to CRT at 5:30?

Is there any grace period for the CRT ADR? Is there a grace period to enter the FP early at all?

Thanks for your thoughts.

There “may” be a grace period a few minutes early, but probably no more than 5 min. They usually is a grace period for dining of about 15 minutes. So if you have both grace periods, you have an hour for m&g.

So unless the FP line is really long, you should be ok. :smile:

Thanks, Agent_C. That’s really helpful. I’m going to keep trying to get the later one a bit earlier, but knowing I likely have an hour makes me less anxious.

My DD were in and out in 10 min when the standby line was 210 min you should be fine and it’s right next door.

I have been through the FPP line twice and both times it took about 20 minutes start to finish. I would get in line at 4:50. You should be fine.

That is great to hear!

Awesome. Thank you!