I have 98 DVC points available to rent to you - RENTED

I have 98 DVC points available for rent. My recently cancelled trip involved these points which I cannot bank. I would love to see someone get some enjoyment from them. Ideally I would prefer to rent these in one reservation, but if you’re just looking for a night or two that would be okay as well. Points can be used anywhere there is availability, but the user must check out by 11/30.

Send me a PM and let’s discuss if you’re interested! First come first served!


Points have been rented. Thank you for your interest!


Glad to hear that you were able to sort this out!


Me too! I did not expect it to go as well or as quickly as it did, but honestly within an hour of my post I had several inquiries.


I guess I thought it would be a big no no to post here about renting DVC points. I know many other boards have big time rules about posting them. Glad you got it sorted so quickly.

I was hesitant to do so myself.

Better to ask for forgiveness.


Interesting. I wondered why I hadn’t really seen points offered here before. I’d think it would be nice to have people you “know” to rent points from.

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There has been the occasional thread here about “Liner Rentals”, but it never has been much of a thing. Maybe it would be bigger if there was a designated Points Rental category, but that would be something for @len and co to decide.

That is a massive issue with MouseOwners. I don’t think anyone here would want to police that.

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@OBNurseNH I totally would’ve rented those points. :slight_smile:

I think renting points is often the best deal available. We’ve got a new specific section on it in the next edition of the book. I’m not opposed to long-time Liners making their points available here.


@gabmom do you still have your points? When do they expire?