I Had My First Disney Dream

After being off of this forum (for the most part) and not spending any time planning my trip in the last 4-6 weeks due to a move and just a crazy summer, last night I pulled things out and decided that I need to get cracking again.

So this morning I wake up because I just had a nightmare. Now mind you, this is a dream, so of course it’s “off.” But still, I thought you’d enjoy…you know how weird dreams can be…

I’m not sure how, but we entered Epcot near Mexico, which was further into the WS (so still next to Norway but on the other side, so Norway was closest to FW). We didn’t have any FPP (because you know, I haven’t spent any time working on the plan recently) and I’m trying to get some on MDE but there’s nothing available. So I decide that we should do the ride in Mexico. But we can’t find it. So then I decide that we should go to Norway, because Norway is right next to Mexico. So I start walking that way and while I’m going that way I decide I need a map. I also stumble across a new brontosaurus ride in Mexico. My phone battery is quickly dying (because of the bad wifi in the parks that drains your battery) so I’m digging through the backpack looking for the phone charger. And then DH comes up with a stroller that he decided to rent and I start yelling at him that if he was going to rent one he should have done it on our AK day because today we’re in MK (what the…?) and it’s the smallest park. I can’t find the way around the WS to get to Norway, and then we see that the water is all the way up to the buildings and that you can’t walk around but you have to take the ferry. And I woke up in there somewhere.

And also, in there somewhere, we saw @profmatt and he told me that he loved me and all, but to please never send him a message again. :joy: :joy: :joy:


This is amazing!!

I had one the other night that we were at EP but that we were supposed to be at MK and I had no TP and had to wing it!! :flushed:


I fully support a brontosaurus ride in Mexico!!


That is too funny. When I was younger and hadn’t traveled that much I used to have dreams before a big trip that were along the lines of “I’ve just arrived in Jamaica and all I have packed is winter wool business suits.”

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Aren’t dreams funny? They take bits of reality and throw them together into something that often makes no sense at all…

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:heart_eyes::joy: Made my day

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I love this! It is exactly the kind of vacation-planning-induced stress dream I have every once in a while. I am planning a trip to Universal right now and just last week had a nightmare where I was traveling somewhere with my mom and sisters and we got several hours into our journey and realized we never brought the suitcases. :joy:

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Well this is a much more interesting dream than mine about missing our flight :joy:

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