I had a nighmare

I had a nightmare last night that I forgot to make fast pass reservations. In my dream, I totally forgot that it was the day and I did not get FOP or SDD or anything hard to get.

I’ve now triple checked that tomorrow, June 9th is the right day and I’ve now set four alarms to make sure I wake up on time tomorrow.


You are not alone with WDW nightmares. I had one recently that we went with our entire extended family (20+ of us) whom I love dearly, but they are slow moving and never on time for anything. I was trying to herd them through the parks and keep them on a touring plan. I woke up in a cold sweat! :rofl:


Congratulations. Your indoctrination is complete. Nothing will be the same from here on out. Godspeed.


I’m happy to report that I woke up on time and we got everything we wanted, including FOP at 60+4 and SDD at 60+3

Only hiccup was getting SDD later than I expected, but I shifted things around. And I am regretting going to HS on a Saturday but oh well.

For fun, I’m posting a picture of my FP+ notes that I used. This was the first time that both kids (8, 11) were old enough to really help with planning and the first time the little one has been interested in roller coasters. It was a lot easier to book fastpasses for all 4 of us for the whole trip vs. booking roller coasters for my husband/daughter and “slow boat rides” for me/son.

Other first things for us this trip: Fantasmic, Wild Africa Trek (little guy is FINALLY old enough!), and fireworks at MK.