I had a dream

well it was actually a nightmare… dreamt i forgot about my FP day and remembered a couple days later… nothing was available… started freaking out… i then woke up and really had to think a moment if it was real… thank god my FP day isnt till next Tuesday ~
anyone else get weird dreams about their WDW vaca?


Um - I actually forgot my 180 days… to be fair, I didn’t have set dates, but still - when I remembered later on that day I had already missed some ADRs.

I get weird dreams too. I’ve only had a couple this time with 7 days to go, I normally have them a couple of times a week for a few months!

Usually they are about trying to get to RD but when we arrive it’s late afternoon, we’ve no FPs and everything has a 2-3 hour wait. My last one involved BOG somehow but I can’t remember it, it was very strange.

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I spend so much conscious thought worrying about my trips that my subconscious doesn’t need to bother me when I’m sleeping. Well, not about Disney trips.

Martin Luther King had a dream. But I don’t think it was about Disney trips, either. In that way, he and I are quite similar.



I’ve never had trip anxiety dreams, but I’ve had many when I was “at WDW”, but it was nothing like the “real” WDW. In some it’s like “wait, that shouldn’t be there”, other times I don’t realize it’s all wrong until I wake up. I have to say that my subconscious mind has come up with some pretty cool attractions…

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Even when I don’t have a trip planned, I have dreams. Typically it is some sort of riff on not being able to get any SDFPs.

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I had a dream about three months before our Disney cruise that we forgot to leave our state rooms and missed so much fun. We were just watching the stupid television in the room on the channel that shows you where you are at sea.

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This is a funny. I have never had WDW nightmares, but when I was younger, in advance of ski trips, I’d always have nightmares that I forgot some crucial piece of skiing equipment, like skis or boots, and I’d be on the mountain unable to ski. Very frustrating.

We ski annually and now my teenage daughter, who loves the sport, told me she had a similar dream before our last Spring Break trip. Weird😳

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I had a dream once that my FPP window opened 2 weeks early, and I scored many of my favs. Oh, wait a minute that actually happened! Love glitches!

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Yes! had a dream just last night that I was in FL with my DH and mother, on the wrong week of vacation. DH and mother are not going with us on this trip. Oh and I was being chased by a gator and I had to climb up a tree and I was so worried about my Spenco flip flops. :rofl:
My FPP day is tomorrow so I can only imagine what I will dream about tonight.

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