I gotta say, it feels real now!

I got my magic bands in yesterday. I opened the box and there they were. At the 180 day mark, I made my TS reservations and it didn’t really feel real. Felt too far away. Then at day 60 I made my FPP reservations. Still, I knew it was too far away. Then I got my magic bands yesterday and thought this is only a few weeks from now. It’s really happening.

I will say though I am a little disappointed. When we went in 2016 and got the magic bands, they were in an Incredibles box. Yesterday it was just in a plain white box. They could have had some theming like they used to. But, I guess that costs more which hurts Disney’s margins. Oh well. Still, it is going to be a blast!


The boxes were changed at some point this past year. We were bummed too but I get why Disney made the change to save money.

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It’s not real. In fact, you’re just living as a body connected up to a huge computer that is generating a simulated life.

Don’t believe me? You can continue in ignorant bliss if you take the blue pill, but if you take the red pill…



When is your trip? Just asking because mine is in 30 days, and I got my Magical Express tags yesterday, and I’m wondering when I’ll be getting my Magic Bands.

I started planning this trip at end of February, and it is the first time my family (husband and kids) are going. I’ve been to WDW 4 times, but last time was in the year 2000!!


Our trip is in 34 days and I haven’t received bands or ME tags.

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My trip begins the Friday before Thanksgiving and we check out the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

They ship them around 30 days to go. Make sure you have customized your order! Yours will ship soon!

Our trip starts 11/11 and I just got the email yesterday that they shipped.
We last went in 2016 as well and remember the Incredibles box. :+1:


I like that it comes in a white box. My trip is a secret so it doesn’t tip off the kids :slight_smile:


Mine is too. I told my wife that it was coming so let me check the mail. She made sure not to go anywhere near the mailbox. I made it home when they weren’t around so I put them in our safe.

We are going to drive and stay in Dothan Alabama the night before. When we get up, we will give them a card and have them read it telling them they are going to Disney World. I have high hopes we get the reaction we are looking for, but also aware that Disney reveals fail sometimes.

We are doing something very similar. Going to visit grandparents a few hours from Orlando as we do most years. Day we leave for Orlando we are giving them a Christmas present we “forgot” to give them earlier. It will have their magic bands and a letter for each (from Mickey for our youngest and from Gen. Organa for our oldest inviting him to Jedi training). They know we have a trip to Disney in the works, but don’t know when other than “in the next year or two”. I’ve included them in some planning aspects too so they feel like they got to help. Hoping for a good reaction.

Best of luck! Let us know how it goes after your trip.

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