I got an AP, now what?

I recently purchased an AP, but won’t activate until August. What’s the best way to find out about special deals or events as they come out? Do I just need to keep checking a website (if so, which one)? Or is there some sort of email list to sign up for? Do I have to be actived to have access to the
special events as far as booking? Thanks for all your help liners.

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That’s a good question! We have had APs for a few years and we get a quarterly newsletter but I don’t recall if that started coming right away or if it was after we activated the tickets.

When you are on the Disney site, make sure you log into your MDE account and that your ticket it associated correctly. From there, if there are any discounts on tickets or events, you will receive the AP discount.

If you haven’t considered it already, please look into the Tables in Wonderland card for dining discounts. As an AP holder, you can get one for $150 and it’s good for 13 months typically. It’s one of the main reasons we wanted APs.

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I am pretty sure that as soon as you purchase the AP and link it to your MDE account, you can get the discounted DAH, MNSSHP, etc. tickets. I don’t believe the AP has to be activated. It used to be that way. But, things change at WDW all the time.

As far as the current deal offerings go, check out this page, which lists all the current promotions.

eta: So I spoke to a friend who went through this recently, and they had trouble buying the tickets for DAH or MNSSHP/MVMCP with the AP discount online with an unactivated AP. They said you can call the reservation line and the CM can apply the discount if you explain your scenario.

I plan on getting TIW. Will I have to activate my AP first? Currently, we are scheduled to land at MCO at 12:05pm and I have an ADR for 'Ohana at 4:20. We’re staying at WL and I’m thinking it would be tight to get over to MK, activate AP and purchase TIW and still make it back to the Poly in time. Thoughts?

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It probably won’t add a lot of time. You take the boat from WL directly to MK, take care of your AP, and then hop on the resort monorail around to Poly. You have to transfer from boat to monorail anyhow. The only difference is rather than take the boat to the Contemporary to catch the monorail, you are instead going to MK.

ETA: I should add that you can also take a bus from WL to MK. But the same applies.

We just activated our APs a couple of weeks ago. They will not let you purchase Tables in Wonderland until you activate your AP, but it is simple to sign up at Guest Relations and they give you a membership card right then. They card they give you at that point is pretty flimsy, but we contacted support and they sent us plastic cards after sending them the details from the cards we got from Guest Relations.

I didn’t realize how much TIW was going to end up saving us, but it is turning out to be substantial. Also, we found it hard to remember while in the parks to ask for the AP discounts (and to prefer buying snacks in the merchandise shops over food carts to maximize the discounts). Make sure to bring ID with you when asking for either discount (although they more often asked for ID when asking for AP discounts than for TIW discounts for some reason).