I got a better deal on tix! But what to do now?

I just got an offer from a friend at the studios to buy castmember parkhoppers on my behalf for my next trip which will save me a few hundred. I’ve already booked my reservation with travel insurance and parkhoppers. I know I can drop my tickets before the cutoff date and then link my new tickets, but what does it do to my eligibility for other offers?

I’m just thinking that if I drop the tickets, it becomes a room only reservation and then that’s the end of any special offers. I’m even thinking, that the travel insurance will somehow be compromised by changing from package to room only.

Anybody have any experience with changing up a reservation this significantly?

I’m not really sure what you mean by special offiers. Are you within your 60 day window?

Nope. Not within the 60 days yet. I mean by special offers, those deals that come along for low attendance periods of the year. Like currently they have a deal for the Fall - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/special-offers/ and I’ve heard that lots of people are anticipating new specials for January and that’s when I’m going.

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Oh you’re talking about discounts. I’m sorry I misunderstood. The most common special that requires you to be in a package is free dining. The other primary specials they offer are room only, meaning you just have to have a hotel room and the tickets you have don’t matter… For example our trip is in December and we got 25% off for the first four nights at Port Orleans which is a package including 7 day tickets. We’re also staying another 3 nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge and since we already had tickets from the first part of our stay we booked it as room only and still got 30% off. They were booked completely separate from one another.

Check out this link…

It will give you an idea of the special offers from previous years and you’ll notice a good portion of them indicate room only discount meaning it doesn’t matter if you bought your tickets with the reservation or got them elsewhere. So in this case since you haven’t booked your FPP yet if you switch the CM tickets and just have a room only reservation, when they release the discounts for early 2015 you could call and request that discount on your room only reservation.

Hope that helps.

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As far as the travel insurance goes because you can cancel a hotel room up to five days in advance I don’t think they offer it. However, there are lots of private companies that you can employ to cover all of the costs of your trip for around the same price and sometimes even cheaper. There is a site that will compare the costs but it escapes me at the moment. Hopefully another liner can help answer.

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For trip insurance you can try http://www.insuremytrip.com/

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