I found the silver lining to cruise delays

As many of you know, we were originally supposed to cruise in May 2020. We’ve rescheduled several times and are now scheduled to sail at the end of 2022.

I’m still hesitantly optimistic that the cruising experience will be “worth” all the money that I paid all that time again (December 2019, I’ve been loaning Disney my money!).

But, I found a silver lining. When we were originally scheduled to cruise, DS#2 was going to be 6. Now he’s going to be DS8. He’s old enough to do most of the cooler excursions; ziplining, swimming with dolphins, etc.

Now we just need everything to fall into place. The cruise needs to sail, the experience needs to be “worth it,” I need to be able to book said excursions, and the excursions need to actually occur… Lots of uncertainty in these continued pandemic times, but a potential plus side has been found.


Love it. I agree. There’s usually always a maximizing thought or way to proceed.

We did a Disney Cruise in October 2021 and it was totally worth it. It was our first Disney cruise and I can’t imagine what we even missed.

The other day I said to my wife after postponing another WDW trip … at least our Star Wars loving DD4 will likely be tall enough to ride Rise of the Resistance when we finally go to WDW so we may avoid some tears and disappointment.


It will be our 3rd Disney Cruise, so I’m sure we’ll notice differences, just hopefully not significant enough to make us sad.

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Yay, for your silver lining too!

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