I found my line

So I was thinking about my October trip (which is not going to happen — and we all know it) and I idly decided to look at Boo Bash.

It’s running on two of my nights, but is already sold out on one. The one which is available is $179.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have flinched at that. I would for sure have booked it. Actually, I would have booked two nights (if I could) with the second being an insurance policy against the first being rained out.

But now? Not a chance. It’s crazy expensive. And for what?

I drove myself into debt for Disney. Not again. It’s All-Stars for me now. And they’ve priced me out of up-charge events.

Not that it matters, as I say. The US remains wholly untroubled by the fact that its borders have been closed to Europe for sixteen months. What’s another — what? — six more? Twelve? You people don’t even know about other countries. Why bother reopening at all.


Why are Americans traveling to Europe but Europeans are not allowed to come here? They talk about travel abroad almost every evening news broadcast.

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Wait, there are other countries? For real? That’s not just something made up for Epcot? How cool! Once my kiddos can be vaccinated, we’re totally going to Arendelle. :wink:

On a more serious note, I’m sorry that you can’t come here right now. I hope that things improve in the not too distant future and the borders open up.


Look at you showing restraint. Totally uncharacteristic.