I feel like I should be doing something

Ok, so I’m coming up on my 100 day out milestone (feels much, much…MUCH… farther away) and I feel I’m in a kinda limbo-zone where I can’t do anything? I feel like this time frame (“100 days to go” through “60 days to go”) should be used for something, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what.

  • My ADRs are pretty much set.
  • My TPs can’t be finalized/finished yet because Disney is still rolling out time frames and attraction launch dates
  • My fastpasses aren’t able to be set up yet. Neither is any food preordering ability.
  • My flight is squared away
  • My magic express is all set up
  • Garden Grocer order placed and finalized
  • My magic band is “customized” (if you can call “picking a color” customized lol)
  • My “supplies” are all pretty much purchased and waiting for their moment to shine in the Orlando sun/rain. (Still trying to nail down whether to go my classic backpack or buy a new one though)
  • Heck, even got my “Going to Disney” playlist finalized (yes, folks, we’re getting THAT geeky)

So what am I missing? Is this just the time where I pace back and forth in front of my computer waiting for the 60 day mark when I can start making fast passes and what not?



Tweak your touring plans.

Question your dining.

Make ridiculous changes and then regret them.


…Stalk TP forums, blogs, etc. for new info and to live vicariously through others’ trips. That’s what i do😉.

Really though, I use this “100 days out” time to read up on the attractions we will do for fun trivia, and I do “crafty” stuff like make or buy matching tshirts for my family, make autograph books, EPCOT passports, etc. Before our last trip I did a fun Disney countdown starting around 100 days. We watched movies, did fun crafts (like bird feeders to go with Mary Poppins), and special snacks. Even if you don’t have kids, you might like doing some adult version - i.e. Watch movies, try to recreate your favorite foods or beverages, etc.


102 days for me! I will look at 20 or so menus in the next couple of weeks (do I want to change my ADRs? What will I order?) . I will try to resist the temptation to change everything- lol- isn’t it fun?


hahah ok, so basically what I am doing is what i should be doing (reading forums, blogs, trip reports, and all sorts of dining info that makes me second guess any and all of my current ADRs.)

Good deal. Thanks, I just was getting this nagging feeling that i was completely missing something. Good to know that I’m not.

I DID notice that AK’s time frames are changing on the site though up through labor day weekend, so it shouldn’t be long now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, off to rewatch another Vacation Planning DVD on youtube :slight_smile:

Haha - yes, this!!

I feel like you wrote this post from inside my head! :smile:
I am at 189 days…have my list of ADRs I want to do on June 2nd…just got flights squared away this past weekend and nothing to do at the moment, lol.

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oh man, 189 days? My sympathies!

…Wait, aren’t you able to start today with your ADRs? Isn’t that how 180+10 works?

I know I teems like FOREVER! But at least we’re almost under six months…

As for the ADRs, the 180+10 means that on the 180th day you can make them for your arrival day + the next 10 days after that.

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Right! I knew that! I was…uh…testing you! Yeah! You passed. Good job. :smile:

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Oooooh all good ideas to pass the 100 days!! We’ve stated our pre-trip Disney movie bucket list already. So far finished all 7 Star Wars, Toy Story trilogy, Lady and the Tramp, Cars & Cars 2…Peter Pan is next :grin:
Do you have pics of the shirts you made?

I’d love to say it’s just 100 days to go.

I booked our first trip to WDW for Feb 17, so I’ve got 274 days to cover and I am feeling like everything is planned and I am just waiting for the next thing to do :smiley:

My husband already calls me crazy :wink:

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The only thing I would add is to find one of the great packing lists and play around with that…we actually found some things there we might not have thought to pack…:grinning:

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Yep, you’re in that 120 day “limbo” between ADR day and FPP day. The only “practical” thing to do is to try to snag a specific ADR that maybe wasn’t available on your 180 day - but if you have them all, this is a moot point.

For the last trip, I made an elaborate “itinerary book” for DW, with a day-by-day breakdown of which parks and/or resorts we were going to, some of the attractions we would be doing, where we would be eating, and pictures. I also included a section that had maps for all of the parks and resorts that we were going to, and a section that had menus from all of the restaurants where we had ADRs. It ate up a LOT of hours, kept me engaged in the trip, and resulted in a very useful “product” when it was done.

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Oooo! Now that “itinerary book” sounds like my kind of fun!

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Exactly what I would do, if some people wouldn’t hate me for that :smiley:

Yes! Here is a pic of DD and me in a tie dye shirt I made.

And here is another tie dye:

I also did Monsters Inc. and Star Wars


Those shirts are awesome!!

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Agreed. How’d you get the mickey head in there? Is that an iron-on?

Those are adorable!