I feel a little crazy

We’re taking a big family trip in July (45 days – woot!) and just the other day, my husband and I booked a trip for just the two of us at the beginning of August – about two and half weeks after we get back from our family vacation. We’re also going Thanksgiving week. And again in February. And again in June 2020.

Should I join a support group? I think I have a problem.


I think you are already part of one… :nerd_face:


It’s called “Annual Pass Holders”


Yeah, we’re bridging to APs during our July trip.

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Have you considered the DVC support group?

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We ARE your support group!


Yeah, my husband thinks it would limit our vacation options in the future. But man is it tempting!

Honestly, I kinda agree with him. I might be speaking a bit too soon as a recently joined member, and only have gone one 1 points-funded vacation so far, but I’m starting to have 2nd thoughts about it.

There’s a lot of pros, but if you can never stay where you want when you want (which is currently the case because of popularity) … then what was the point? I can’t seem to even get my “home resort” and I booked at the 11month mark.