I drove all night ... a trip report in parts

Just got back from a really nice stay.
Drove Monday for 15 hours and arrived around 1:30 am.
Tuesday: chill, swim, mini golf
Wednesday: Hollywood Studies (mostly Galaxy’s Edge)
Thursday: Magic Kingdom
Friday: EPCOT
Saturday: another 15 hour drive home

A = my husband who claims to hate Disney but always seems to have a good time
Z = daughter who just turned 14, a huge Disney fan

I’m going to go in reverse.

Ok, I’ll start with this. I did not ride Remy but Z and A did. They thought it was really fun but not a must-do. They said it was worth paying the $22 for (ILL) but it would not have been worth waiting in line for. It was not the best of Disney’s rides but definitely not the worst either.
Note: the kid did watch Remy but it’s been a long time and she doesn’t remember it.

I get carsick on those rides with screens and I had read that since there is some spinning that for people like me it is one of the worst of those so I did not ride.

At 7 I got on the app and was able to book Remy for 1:25. I based that on the touring plan that I made and it worked out well. I was so happy to be able to choose a return time.

So here’s our EPCOT day:

It was our last day and we decided to buy Remy instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to get to the park before 8 to get in line. And that was the BEST decision ever because the ride went down almost immediately.

This was such a good decision overall because we were able to have a leisurely day with no rushing.

They headed to Soarin’ (another ride I don’t do because of the screen) while I walked from the Skyliner to the Land Pavilion. I got some amazing photos of the topiaries and the monorail in front of the ball. The park was pretty empty save for people running to Remy or Frozen. Soarin’ was a walk on for them.
We road Living with the Land (a favorite), then Figment (a classic as well).

We were dressed like Minnie so we got our photo with her. It still wasn’t 11 yet so we couldn’t eat at the Flower and Garden booths so we headed to see Mickey (who was back at Figment).
Spaceship Earth was down so we all just decided to skip it for the day since we had never missed it before. We got the avocado toast (so good) then did our Orange Bird shopping at the two stores at the top of World Showcase (Port of Entry and the other one). I got the Orange Bird hat but skipped everything else. The shirt was really thin and at my age I do not need to be wearing cut off sweatpants.
We also bought two of the Spike the Bee scavenger hunts because I wanted the Orange Bird and Figment lunch boxes (hello, who would miss those?).

Z got the peach honey freeze (had dairy in it) and she really liked it. We also got the street corn and it was so good. Messy as all heck but tasty.

We rode the boat to Morocco and sat in the shade while A got the beer from Tangerine Cafe. Thumbs up on that one.

From there it’s a blur. They rode Remy at this time while I took a rest during the American movie.

Voices of Liberty are incredible so if you can make it to a show, definitely check them out. The rotunda has great acoustics. At christmas they wear period costumes and do carols but I have never been able to see it.

We got more beverages at the Outpost and I got the pineapple skewer. Pretty good but a little pricey for what you get. Oh! We met Snow White and at potato pancakes in Germany (also so tasty – the potatoes, not the lady. We did not taste the princess).

The drawbridge was up so the boat with the fireworks could go through and that was neat. I did not know it did that. I thought it was a regular bridge.

We rode the boat ride in Mexico (walked on), another favorite, ate the delicious tostada (sin queso). The vegan ribs were so good and we loved the veggies with the hummus. At this point the temperature was equal to that on the surface of the sun and we had done all we wanted so we headed back to the resort to swim and rest.

Later in the evening we took the skyliner back to Epcot. I stood in line at Les Halles for the brie aux pommes sandwich (highly recommend but it would be better on a baguette instead of the whole grain). Z got the violet lemonade and they found a spot for the fireworks. As soon as I left les halles, the sky fell out.
Once it stopped raining, I met them at the spot and had some of the violet lemonade while we listened to several messages about how the show was delayed, one message about how the show would start in just a few moments (yay) then a final message saying the show was cancelled (boo).
I wasn’t about to go near the skyliner so soon after lightning so we took the bus back to Pop Century. We met a nice couple who said that they got a notification from disney saying their room was ready. They went to the room, used their magicbands to get in the room, and there were people in there!!!
They had already carried all their stuff to the room (in the 50s) and had to go to the front desk and got put in a room clear over in the 90s. The staff showed no remorse. None. Acted like it was their fault.
Made for a fun conversation.

We got up yesterday morning and headed the 13 hours home (15 after stops). Traffic was good the whole way and it was somewhat cloudy so the car didn’t get too hot.

I just did 3 loads of laundry and have been cleaning and putting away stuff.

Oh, I totally bought the spike the bee spork because it was great.
I bought the orangebird flower and garden pin. I always buy a pin from any special event.
Didn’t do much pin trading.

More later.


I’ll start back at the beginning.

We slept in and got food at Pop Century for breakfast. If anyone is vegan, for some reason, the plant-based options are gone from mobile order but they still have the overnight oats (chia, not oats), mickey waffles, and the stir fry.

We swam in the bowling pin pool which we love then played mini golf for the first time. The course is amazing and we had a great time. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s well worth an afternoon. And free if you’re a resort guest with a package.

Our first day was spent at Hollywood Studios.
We got up early and rope dropped Rise. We were in the line by 7:45. Waited for 20 minutes or so when they said it was broken. So we rode the Falcon, Star Tours, and got in line for the Muppets. I saw Rise was back up so we ran out of Muppets back to Rise. The line was 60 minutes. After we went back to Muppets then walked through Galaxy’s Edge until our Oga’s reseveration.

Oga’s is amazing. So freaking cool.

My people went to ride SDD (stood in a long line) while I walked around GE and took 800 photos and bought kettle corn. Saw Rey and Chewy and a Kylo Ren/Storm Trooper show of some sort.

It was a dream come true. The theming is incredible. I can’t wait to go back. I hope they keep adding on to it.

We walked through Toy Story land to check out the Walt Disney history stuff then the star wars stuff in Launch Bay. Chip and Dale were walking around a circle just past launch bay so that was cool. We did a bit of shopping then headed back to Pop to swim and eat dinner.


Our next day was at MK.

I used Genie+ for this day because we wanted to ride a lot of rides. We got in 5 good rides with it thanks to the tips in this forum, then Ariel and Barnstormer at the end of the day just for kicks as the rides were pretty much walk-ons. I posted about this in greater detail in a thread in la cava.

We really took it easy at MK and did all we wanted to do without rushing. We left around 4 as it was really starting to get hot and crowded and came back later for fireworks and for the Jungle Cruise LL I had booked for 9:25pm earlier that day.

I felt as if the magic was back. Our whole trip was fun.

Of course there were a couple of issues but nothing major. May is a good time to go. It’s not too crowded and it wasn’t so hot you’re boiling.

Magic Kingdom needs to step up its vegetarian game. That park is living in 1990. HS and EPCOT both have good options so it can be done.

Some cast members were rude as heck but most seemed to be enjoying their work. Had a great conversation with the lifeguard at Pop. Met some fun people in line.


Sounds like a great trip!

Ha! Ha! Same here


It was! I’m so glad we made it happen.


This made me LOL . Sounds like a good trip!!


Ha! Yes, just had to be clear.

And it was a good trip. It really did feel like the magic was back.