I Don't Want to Rope Drop

I really don’t like this G+ thing. I don’t deal well with unknowns, and G+ turns my entire trip into an unknown! We will be in the world 3/1/2022 - 3/15/2022. We are getting 10 day PH to force some down/resort days. Otherwise I can’t keep myself from the parks! We are doing a tri-split stay - 4 nights Poly, 4 nights AKL, and 6 nights BC. Travelling party is me40, DH 42, DS9, DS7, DD4, DD1, DMom69, and DAunt 70. We will have at least 1 ECV and a double stroller. We are not what you’d call efficient at getting around!

We are a night owl homeschooling family. I’ve tried to force rope drops on past trips, but we’re maybe 50/50 for actually making it and not being at the back of the pack. It stresses everyone out and is just not a great way to start the day for us. On our trip in 2019 when we stayed club level, it was glorious walking into the parks late morning/early afternoon knowing we would still get at least 6 attractions with little to no wait. It doesn’t seem like that’s going to be possible with G+. I know we can stack LLs for later in the day, but LLs are gone for the day so early for so many rides (we love all the headliners, my kids are fearless), that it doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to stack much. What are other late starters doing?

Thanks for any input!


I don’t have any advice for you, but we are in the same boat and I’m eager to read other liner’s answers. We tried to RD in 2019 and it did not go well, everyone was exhausted and setting an alarm on vacation is not how we like to vacation.

We initially booked our May 2022 with club level with the hopes that FP would return and we would have those extra 3 FP’s to work with each day, but now that we know that’s not happening, I’m just in limbo watching and waiting to see how things shake out with this whole Genie+ system.

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Do you remember when WDW was selling a ticket for late sleepers? You couldn’t use the ticket before noon ( or afternoon). They used to be aware that not everyone wants to get up at the crack of dawn.

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We are staying club level and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that they start offering more park related perks before we get there!

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Disney Mid-Day Date Based Tickets - OrlandoFunTickets.com

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I believe this is purely historical. That link mis-leads one to believe they are still available (due to the 50th anniversary banner). There is nothing, that I can find, on official Disney sites that ticket type is still for sale.

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I actually think you are in a good situation. :slightly_smiling_face: As long as someone can start booking LL’s at 7am.

The frustrating part with G+ is, when you enter the parks in the morning, you really don’t know what time you will be experiencing most G+ attractions or where exactly you will be in the park at any given time.

Arriving at noon or later, you will at least have a partial plan for the day. Since you won’t be rope dropping, you may just have to purchase some ILL unless you want to hop on right before park close.

With the number of days that you have, I wouldn’t fret about not being able to get all the LL you want each day. Just have a different plan for those multiple days.

What an amazing time of year. With temps not being too hot, it’s perfect for a family who likes to tour in the afternoon and evening, skipping the morning. Keep in mind, the second half of your trip will be busier with all the spring breakers arriving in full force. You may want to schedule more resort days in the second half of your trip than the first half.


Definitely don’t do rope drop if you’re night owls! You’ll be miserable and exhausted. Make a good touring plan and you’ll have an advantage over everyone else at least. If you do decide to go with G+ I offer to get up at 5am to help you get RoR or any ride you want in any order you need. Just let me know a bit in advance ok?


I love your optimism! We definitely plan to purchase ILLs. I guess my fear is that I book something at 7, then at 11, and by 1 everything good is gone!

We will be taking advantage of the extended evening hours for deluxe resorts, so that will be helpful. I’m hoping they add those at the other 2 parks too.

I wouldn’t normally plan to be there during spring break, but my son’s 10th birthday is 3/12 and we want to be there for that. I plan to have some cabana days at Stormalong that last week.

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You are so sweet! I don’t mind waking up and booking at 7. I just don’t want to have to have my whole crew up and ready to go by then!

The good old days! What I would give for this to come back. Sigh.

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Right?! Is it wrong that CL FPP are the thing I think I miss the most from the before times?

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Just look at the data ahead of your trip and then you can come up with a strategy. Example:

For AK, the G+ attractions that sell out the quickest are NRJ and KS. As you can see here in the orange:

Then check the data for the individual attraction:

You can see how the KS LL’s were gone around 10am the past busy holiday week. But NRJ was closer to 11am.

Now you know to book KS first at 7am and then NRJ at 10am. You can have a plan like this for the 3rd attraction and so on. If you are doing 2 days at AK, that just covers you in case you missed something on day 1.

For MK, you can sort out all the attractions and have a game plan for a specific day. Like, focus on one side of the park or where you will be dining. And by visiting many days, you can feel confident on getting all the LLs and not using standby too much.


That is so incredibly helpful! Thank you!

Your welcome, you can do this!!!