I dont understand TP start times in relation to FP

Every Touring Plan I selected has as the very first attraction/ride something that you don’t use a Fast Pass for. However, almost every TP then has a Fast Pass ride at 9am as the second attraction to do. If the park opens at 9 and you dont have the extra early hour, how are you supposed to go on the first ride and then use the FP for 9am ride?

For example, at MK, the first stop is Peter Pan. Then it says to use your Fast Pass for 7 Drawfs at 9am. If the park opens at 9am, how I am to hit PP, and then make it to 7Drawfs at 9am? Doesnt make sense.

If you have a 9am fastpass reservation, you can use it anytime from 9am to 10am (with a little extra buffer).
So, you should have plenty of time to ride Peter Pan first, and then use a fastpass for 7 Dwarfs before 10

Thanks…i read that they only give you 15 minute window on the FP times…not true?

Fast Passes have a 1 hour window. A 9AM FP can be used anytime between 9 & 10 (and often a touch after).

You have a 15 minute grace period after your 1 hour window expires.

^ What they said :slight_smile:

You could make your own Touring Plan :slight_smile: That’s what I love to do :slight_smile: That way you get the rides and activities that you want to do :slight_smile: Your TP time would be what time the park opens or what time you want to arrive at the park! Your FP depending on what they are normally has an hour grace. It will also depend on if there are Magic Hours that day :slight_smile: Unfortunately FP can not be used during MH!

The way that I do it is set up the rides that my family and I want to ride! What other things that we might want to do and then have TP optimize it for me. Then I start planning my way :slight_smile: I’m not one who likes to jump all over the park so I do it per area (Frontier Land, TommorowLand, etc… :slight_smile: Then I evaluate my plans to what I can get done and what I need to change :slight_smile:

Good luck on you planning :smile:

On your example PP would not be a FP but it is a very busy ride so ride it early in the am. Your FP for 7 Dwarfs would be from 9 am to 10 am so then after 10 you could have your next FP :slight_smile: The only ones that normally have a 15 minute window are normally your shows :slight_smile: