I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast

but DS finished the Star Wars virtual 10K in the top 10. :grinning: I signed up for the virtual Star Wars 10K when we knew we were not going to be able to go to Disney this week. DS wanted to join so I signed him up, followed by DH and then DD for the 5k. DS runs track so one day when they were out for a casual run he clocked 6.2 miles, so he told me that would be his time. He showed me his fitbit timer, so I know it was accurate, plus I know how fast he is. They did stop for a few minutes to look for beavers and otters, lol. They also had to stop for cars, so this wasn’t even the fastest he could go. He is happy and I am proud and wanted to share!

I am editing because when I click on his name, it gives the exact place and it is within top 10!


Whaaat?’ Rock on!!! That is fantastic!!


Thank you! He is pretty happy, and I am so proud. The time he submitted was a 7 minute mile, but if he was really racing probably would be around 6.5. He laughs that I run twice as slow but I say, hey, at least I’m out there trying!


You don’t mean to brag or boast? Why not?!? That is totally brag and boast worthy. Congrats to DS! :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks! I was singing the 80’s rap song. LOL


This is awesome! Congratulations!



I’m still working at getting back to my 5 years ago pace. Almost there. Currently an 11:30 so your son would call me slow as well :joy:. But like you for me it’s about getting out there and working to make progress. A year ago I was 13min/mi – consistency matters!

Good for him. And also good for you too!


Good for you! Just keep trying and see where it takes you! I ran a race in my 20’s where they paced me at 8:30, so that was my fastest. In my 30’s I ran about 10:30, and my usual pace now is the same as yours 11:30. I try not to focus on it but when I see improvements it does pump me up. As Dory says, just keep swimming, I mean running!


Thank you! He doesn’t like me bragging about him on FB, but he doesn’t know about my Disney board, and since this is a Disney race…:wink: :shushing_face:


Congrats! … on two accounts.

First, for your son’s achievement!

Second, for creating a post title that fooled me into thinking it was a @mousematt post before I opened it.



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Yeah I was a 10:32