I dont know where to stay! Help me choose

Husband agreed to another trip in September but I really need to keep the budget in check. Last time we rented AKL dvc and loved it but Jambo house studio isnt available for our dates.

Looking at Saratoga or OKW. Dont love the theming but they are really resonally priced. Ive read they are very big. In the past we have stayed in the Mermaid room at AoA and the ranchos at Coronado and the walking didnt really bother us. Are these 2 a lot bigger than those? Which do you prefer of the two? I think OKW looks nicer but the slide at SSR looks pretty cool (i have 2 boys 8 & 10)

Kidani also has availability but im nervous about the lack of quick service and i think a lot of stanard studios overlook the parking lot where as Jambo we had partial savanna.

Of course pop and AoA are options with the skyliner. But my boys really do love the pool slides and I like the extended hours for deluxe guests.

Any advice?


Side point re EEH - there’s another alternative these days - you can book Disney After Hours and get a similar benefit a la carte, without staying deluxe.

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I haven’t stayed at SSR yet but I do own there and have done a lot of research about it in case we ever use our points there. I have stayed at OKW a long time ago.

Both are equally good options and basically have the same downside: but resort requiring internal bus system. Having a car is a huge plus and overrides the big negative of these resorts.

I like the refurbed SSR rooms with the Murphy bed and think I would lean towards that all things being equal. Also it is close to Disney Springs. The pools at SSR get good reviews, especially Paddock.

But OKW is a beautiful, secluded resort as well so if that vibes with you, go for it.

P.S. Another option would be to keep an eye out for studios at Jambo in the next couple of months. One is likely to pop up as a dedicated rental. But a partial savanna view is not guaranteed. We got a pool view there last time.

I haven’t looked up the acreage but OKW seems bigger than either AoA or Coronado. SSR might be comparable to Coronado as far as walking distance but I think it’s bigger than AoA.

If pool slides are a priority I would say SSR. They have two pools with good slides. Paddock slide is often listed in the top three slides at WDW.

The OKW rooms will be the largest studios you will find.

I agree that Kidani will not have the same chance of partial Savannah as Jambo but with QS breakfast and mobile ordering at Sanaa, at least there is something.


I and my wife used to love POR. Then the Skyliner became operational. We ow stay at Pop Centry and here’s why. We spend very little time in our room, but rather the parks. It has a good QS and a nice walking path. We don’t swim much but there are multiple pools. The Skyliner takes us directly to Epcot and HS. Remember how they stuff you in buses to and from the parks? We use the Skyliner instead and it’s a beautiful ride. Except for DS and AK or the water parks, we use the Skyliner to go to Epcot and then the Monorail to MK. At night we use the Monorail to get to Epcot from MK and then walk through Epcot to the International Gateway then the Skyliner back to Pop. No more stuffed in buses standing after a long day in the parks. Oh, did I mention that POP is about a third of the price for a Intermediate resort like POR. You need to save money? Here’s your chance. Do you really need the ambience? Your paying for it big time! Coarse if you got the money coming out your butt, then Disney is more than happy to take it from you. Of coarse there is the prestige matter as well. Got to keep up appearances. :star_struck:

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Only one OKW stay, vs 3 SSR stays. All but one SSR were 2 br. One SSR was a 1 br.

OKW has bigger villas. But I like SSR. Its decor is soothing. Most every unit seems to face a water feature of some sort.

One stay the 10 yo in our group enjoyed the main pool activities. We like the table service and quick service options tho the gift shop seems a bit small.

Our preferred building is indicated on the map. Close to a bus stop and not a horrible walk to the food (D & E)