I don't know how to hop - help me?

I love this!

We keep trying to get our kids to do that. Until last trip when DD went to DS for a while on her own, and DS left HS to go to community hall at OKW for a bit, we couldn’t get them off us! LOL I’m hoping that now that they got a taste of it they will do it more. For them as much as for us.

Talked with DH about this and he feels like this is the way to go. Largely, he thinks we should just plan our morning and then let the evening take us where we are feeling it.



With many favorite restaurants closed in December 2020 our usual evening schedule had to change. We ate at a couple of new places, and made other discoveries.

Like getting older changes things, too. :sunglasses:

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We’ve always done park hoppers because I find it more fun to spread out my time in each park rather than do it all at once. 2020 and its no park hopping was a huge buzzkill for our family. DH takes an afternoon break and then meets us in the second park for an early TS dinner, while DD and I usually go morning to night.

Putting together the park hopping schedule is a huge and frustrating puzzle, and I curse at my spreadsheet a lot, but I start by scheduling one morning and one evening in each park. The morning gives the opportunity for rope dropping and the evening allows for seeing fireworks (MK, EP), riding at night (EE, SDD), and just enjoying the parks all lit up. On a six-day trip this would leave me with two extra evenings and two extra mornings to fill. I use the extra evenings to see fireworks again at MK and EP, and the two extra mornings to sleep in. For the sleep-in mornings I think about where I’d like to have a late breakfast, and either book the park that is closest to that or think about what park we might want to repeat to hit all of our favorite rides again.


We’ve always had park hoppers and always based it on food. AK was usually a morning park since they closed earlier than the others. Gregg and I would go back to the resort for a nap while Aneira would either swim or stay in the parks. If it was an AK day, we’d go back till close, and then head over to the park that was open the latest.

I will say that our Christmas 2018 trip we hopped to Epcot every evening and I have to say that we got very sick of the walk from handicapped parking to France. So much so that our October 2020 I refused to enter the front entrance at all.


BC, YC and BW really spoiled us for World Showcase in the evenings. We almost think of that International Gate as our private entrance. Esp the December 2001 YC trip when crowds were really low in the World.