I decided I don't like YouTube algorithms!

Something weird has happened recently to my YouTube feed, and I don’t like it!

So, I am subscribed to several Disney vloggers, and watch additional ones from time to time which I am not subscribed to. For the most part these vloggers are either pro-Disney (DFBGuide, etc) or generally honest/fair news (MickeyViews, etc).

But something happened. So, somehow I was recommended a video a few weeks ago which, based on the headline, seemed like it was going to be a critical but honest take on something about Disney (totally forget what now). Anyhow, I had never visited the channel, but quickly found out it wasn’t for me. Rather than being a fair but critical video, it seemed to be an “out to get Disney” channel disguising itself as Disney news.

So, fine. I won’t watch that channel any longer.

Only now, almost every Disney related video that is being recommended to me seems to be of a similar anti-Disney stance. I don’t mind that if it is fair and balanced. But I had no idea there were so many channels out there seeming to want to see Disney just fail.

I don’t know how to fix it. It hasn’t gone back to how it was before. Maybe I need to start watching a bunch of DFBGuides or something?

So annoying.


There are two things that frustrate me to no end … MDE and the YouTube recommendation algorithm. MDE because it is so integral to your trip yet it is so buggy, and YouTube because I always feel like I am being manipulated.

If you can figure out how to retrim the recommendation engine or restart it from NIL, let me know!

Can you find that video from your history and delete it? Sometimes my son will click on stuff I don’t want in my algorithm and I will delete it and mark the channel as something I’m not interested in.


I will see if that helps.

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I get it, YouTube’s algorithm can be annoying. Clear your watch history, use “Not Interested” on unwanted videos, and engage more with your favorite channels like DFBGuide and MickeyViews. Creating playlists and subscribing to channels you like will help reset your feed. This should get things back to normal.