I can't take it....I must visit WDW!

It’s been 1 1/2 years since our last visit and DH and I have been cooped up way too long, missing Disney so much. So we’re thinking of going in early March. I haven’t been too connected with the forum or lines as I found it too depressing since we weren’t planning to visit anytime soon, so I’m afraid I might be a bit behind. With just around 30ish days before travel, would you have any concerns? I know I don’t have to worry about FPP and I need to make park reservations by day. Is that a concern at all? What about restaurant ressies? It’s just the 2 of us. We’ve planning on CB as we love the idea of hopping to DHS or EP in the evenings for dinner or just strolling. What am I not thinking about. Help!


I would not have any concerns. Have you checked to see availability of restaurants that you would visit?

Early March will be a great low crowd time. We will be visiting then.

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do you have to have a park reservation to make a dining reservation in that park? If we are hoping at night, I wasn’t sure how this would work.

Check the restaurant availability first. Park pass availability is wide open.

You don’t need to reserve the park first.

Can you make pre-park opening ressies still?

I don’t believe. If there were, they are probably gone.

No, since re-opening there are no in-park pre-opening meals. In fact, there are no in-park TS breakfast places, either (no CRT, CP, Garden Grill, Akershus, H&V, nor Tusker House).

It’s different. If it’s the two of you, you can wing it for most things.
Rise of the Resistance boarding pass - yes you’ll need to get this. Currently, day of. At 7 am. If you miss that, you can try at 2 pm. Several will be trying. At seconds after 2 pm you’ll hear either groans or elation. And folks you didn’t even notice will be getting up and moving on.

Flight of Passage - if you get to the park as early as you can you’ll be able to have less of a wait. But maybe later in the day there’s less wait.

Afternoon boarding groups are now 1 pm, not 2 pm. Don’t want to be an hour late!


I had a thought after I posted - old news!

With Disney, the only constant is change.

I recall one trip when we showed up to MK an hour before official opening time only to be turned away. Park opens exactly when it’s scheduled to open. Morons. (He wasn’t very Disney-like)

Regroup and head to the Contemporary Hotel and the new(ish) restaurant, Chef Mickey’s where everyone cracked up at Pluto licking my head.