I can't decide, Boardwalk or Beach Club

This is killing me right now. We don’t have kids. It’s just me and my friend going for 8 nights. She loves both resorts, but I want the pool and a great view. The pool is better at Beach Club by a mile. But the views are better at Boardwalk.

This is an extremely tough decision. Can someone that has stayed at both give me their thoughts?

Also, another concern is how crowded does that Stormalong Bay pool get? I thought I read somewhere that they have a capacity and sometimes they don’t let people in because it’s too crowded.

What are your thoughts on both resorts?

I have never stayed at Boardwalk resort but as it is right across from the beach club resort I would assume the view from both are pretty much the same. I have never seen the pool at the Beach club packed as it is a very long and big pool.


I have stayed at both and enjoyed both, but prefer the Beach Club. But I don’t think you could go wrong with either choice. They are both excellent. Both are walking distance to Epcot and HS which is great. Both have easy access to all the restaurants around the lake. Stormalong Bay is fabulous and it does get busy but the pool is huge and I wouldn’t say it felt crowded in the pool (we have stayed over the summer several times and in December). I never saw it reach capacity. The clown pool at Boardwalk is creepy. We have stayed in rooms with standard views so I don’t know how they compare. I would agree that the views at the Boardwalk could be better if you’re willing to pay for it.

Simple - are you going to enjoy the POOL more or the VIEWS more

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I think I’m going to do the Beach Club (lagoon/pool view) because I get access to the great pool and if we want views (if our room isn’t great) we can just go sit on the beach at night and have our views.

Not to mention something else that a few people told me about their Boardwalk (water view) stays. They said it was too noisy from people on the boardwalk late at night and after the 3rd night it got on their nerves.

Beach Club it is.


You’ll be happy with it. Beach club is an excellent resort. The pool is incomparable to anything else. Plus if you get Park Hopper tickets, it’s ridiculously close to Epcot, which is great for evening dining, or quick service.


I’m sort of obsessed with the smell of TBC lobby. And the walk to Epcot. And the boat from HS at night after fireworks.

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Staying at boardwalk with a garden view since st Patrick’s day…I’m requesting a room change tomorrow! Super noisy all night long :frowning_face:

On no! Where is the noise coming from, other rooms or outside? We check in on 3/30 and I want to avoid noise if at all possible. I hope a room change helps you.

noise Is coming from outside (the boardwalk), mostly drunk people, but there is also a noise that sound like rolling wheels all the time…I’m staring to wonder if it’s those rental bikes. Anyways, a nightmare if you are a light sleeper. Our room is across the garden from flying fish 2nd floor or lobby level. I have stayed here before with a pool view and did not have this problem.

You resurrecting a thread that was made over a year ago?