I came up with another Q - nicest restrooms in Disney World!

Yeah! Restrooms!!!

Please tell me where to find the nicest restrooms in WDW, especially Epcot.

Twenty years ago, my friends and I laughed and laughed about the restrooms around the World Showcase. I recall that the one in Germany was a favorite; much laughter remembered in that one. The worst one by far was at Norway. I am pretty sure that old one was razed and a sparkling new one is there now – at least I hope so, because ew, the old one was gross. And now Norway is besieged by crazed Frozen fans all day long. I would hope the restroom is better. (And bigger!)

Anyway, restrooms come and go, and people have to go, and I was just wondering – where are the nice restrooms now? There were some in Future World that flushed by themselves, which was nice. Although - oh – Then there were the self-flushing restrooms in Pleasure Island that scared me to pieces when I was maybe just a little bit tipsy with my dear friend Krisi. (Our hangout was Mannequins. The bar at the back on the second floor where the bartender was Gordo, and he made such good drinks!!! Seriously, that was 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 – and Krisi is friends with Gordo on Facebook, so I think I can still find him if he’s still employed at WDW.) (OMG, just went down memory lane for real. LOL!!!)

Do tell: good restrooms! Fancy restrooms! Clean restrooms! Terrible restrooms! I am an old lady; I will be toddling all over the place, drinking too much Food and Wine Festival wine. :clinking_glasses: What parts of WDW will be safe for me?!

[Or safe from me, whatever!] :rofl:

Thank you in advance!

Old lady priorities! In EC, Katsura Grill has one tucked away, the new Remy area w/ NEW restrooms are nice, and then the one circled by Canada before the Jofferys is large so wait is less.


Morocco has always been my favorite


Morocco’s bathrooms were just renovated. They look really nice!



oh, I forgot about this reno

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There’s a whole podcast episode about this on the Be Our Guest podcast. One of the people on it rated bathrooms by giving them a certain number of “Scotty Gs” ( his name). It is hilarious but also informative. I’ll see if I can find it for you a bit later.


The way that the doors are open concepts and the fact that I tend to not pay attention, I will sometimes walk into the wrong one. (This even happened to me at Kohl’s, clearly it’s me). Anyway, in the UK pavilion I walked into an empty bathroom and was in a stall before a guy walked in and started using the urinals — that I walked right past— whatever. I had to wait until he was finished and left, pray no one new walked in before I could slink out of my stall and make a run for it. Lesson — don’t follow Diane into the bathroom.


You should avoid the Mens’ Room.

All the dicks hang out there.


I mean, ladies, haven’t we all been there when the line for our restroom is just too long and we cannot possibly wait so we use the men’s out of desperation (with a guard out front, of course)


Jimmy Buffett, Starwood Amphitheatre, 1988. Goddammit, Jimmy Buffett.

And that was NOT a nice restroom!!!

Anyway, y’all are awesome. I’m so enjoying these replies! Thank you!!


There are great bathrooms behind the Figment ride. They are so well hidden they are rarely used. The Norway bathrooms are newish and nice and freezing cold always. In the China pavilion you can enter through the quick service to a shared bathroom with Nine Dragons that is normally pretty quiet. There’s also a nice big restroom at the back of the America pavilion. Germany restrooms are the worst!


Yes these are very well hidden and spoken of highly by another podcaster (not the one mentioned above).

I finally located them in June when we were evacuated out of Soarin and took a long backstage tour. We actually stood under the overhang there to put our ponchos on to avoid being completely drowned. There was NOBODY else back there. Which is the norm, as I understand it, and the reason they stay so clean and pleasant at all times.

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OK, I am going to be on a mission to find the clean restrooms behind Figment. I kinda feel like these are the restrooms that I remember from 'way back – there were big, gleaming, empty stalls, and it was so clean and nice. I know they were on the West side of Future World, but I couldn’t quite place them in my mind. Thank you!!

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OK. That got everybody through EPCOT. (Everyone’s Preferences Clear On Toilets)

Any tips for three other parks?
(I’m taking notes here eh)


At MK the ones near Pirates are usually quiet and clean.


Really?? Fascinating. Those used to always be waaaaayyyy overcrowded. … Maybe I need to look at a map and see if we’re talking about the same restrooms.

ETA: Oh, no, those are different. Maybe new. I’m not sure. I was thinking about the ones that connected Adventureland and Frontierland.

Aren’t the Tangled bathrooms the ones everybody raves about at MK?

Not the ones in the “pass through” between Adventureland and Frontierland. Those are gross and way overcrowded.

The ones I’m talking about are attached to the PoC building. As you’re facing PoC they are far to the right, almost at the archway and tucked in the back. I’m often the only one in there.


I’m disqualifying myself from this discussion, because when I was 5, according to my parents, I couldn’t hold it and my dad told me to pee off the top deck of the MK riverboat. I hope he considered the wind direction or I really may have pissed some people off.

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