I Broke TP

Trying to plan our last day in MK, 12p arrival, long dinner break at 'Ohana, EMH to 12a. (Yeah, I know, not ideal times but we'll have gone to mvmcp the night before so no RD for us.) Saturday, C.L. 4.

We want to hit non-headliners, fast-movers, in the afternoon, and headliners plus our favorites in the evening. I want to ride BTMRR during Wishes. People mover, Jingle cruise, I also want to ride after dark.

When I put everything in the order I'd prefer, select minimize walking, and evaluate, everything after 9:30p has "n/a" for data, no time is given, and the plan says we'll be waiting 42000 minutes.

When I instead optimize, it doesn't have us on BTMRR during Wishes, it ends our trip with Buzz (boo), and has us meeting Ariel at 11p (want to do this during the day).

I don't know what to do. Does this mean it's impossible to do the attractions in the order I want?

Don't quote me but I believe I've seen others reporting some issues with PTP's and EMH times. Or is it possible the rides you have listed aren't open during EMH? Maybe make it a public plan and share the link so @len can take a look.

I'm guessing that since the official closing is 10PM and splash mountain is not open during evening EMH but your TP has you getting there at 10:02 it's causing a blockage and can't figure out the rest of it? But i'm anything but an expert. I haven't even finished my own TP's lol.

Maybe if you cut your break shorter by 30 minutes that would fix it, although I have no idea what time your ADR is.

Here's the TP-optimized:


Thanks, I will take your suggestion and try to shorten our break to have more pre-10p time. Here's the Break Breakdown(tm):
Back to Poly by 4p to relax in room
Hit CL lounge at 5p for pre-dinner libations wink.
'Ohana 6p-8p

Does 2 hours sound right for 'Ohana dinner? They often run late.

I will keep playing around with it; I'll be happy if I can get it to put me on BTMRR at 10:05pm, on the fun night-rides at night, fantasyland in the afternoon, and end the night with one of my favorites. If @len or other Liners have any advice I'd love to hear it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ ALL THIS. You are an outstanding Liner @Outer1 (tm). As a token of my appreciation, please enjoy the following:


Or since you only have 2 FPP's maybe use your third one on SM... I know it won't save you much time but it' miiiiight be just enough to save the 3 mins you'd need for TP to get you to SplM before 10pm.

That's a good idea. I'll plug that in and see what happens. smile

OK. I recreated your TP, and I had the exact same issue that you did. the problem is that you are putting Splash too late in the sequence. It closes at 10, and there is no way to get the other attracttions you have listed before Splash done in time, which messes up the rest of the plan. Then I tried moving Splash to right after the break, and voila - a VERY reasonable TP was produced. I'm not sure how to (or if) you can "force" it to use an FPP, but the AM portion of your plan is so "uncrowdwd", that you'll be able to use you FPP easily, and save an additional chunk of time by not having to wait in the SB line. I would consider moving one or two PM attractions to the earlier part of the day.

Bottom line - your plan is VERY workable, as long as you move Splash to an earlier spot on your list.

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Another possibility is to treat the day as two separate park visits with two entirely sepatarte TPs, with appropriate start and end times (kind of like what you would do if you were hopping to a different park after dinner). That way you could add the attractions that you wanted to do on each "visit", and let TP optimize for each. It wasn't using your A&E FPP because it determined that you should visit at 11:55 PM; if your touring window is 9:00-3:30, it may well decide that it's a good FPP to use. Also, on "my" version of your plan, SM showed a 38 min wait; might be a good use of your 3rd FPP...

Hmm...ok I'm going to try making two separate plans and see what shakes out. Yes if SM has a 38 min wait I will definitely want to FP it! smile

Right now I'm pretty ok with this latest version, but I'll see what happens with 2 plans.

Thanks again both of you!

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Hold the phone: this plan estimates an 8 MINUTE wait for Splash at 9pm on a Sat night. For reals?!?!

Ah - you recognized the Scotts last name; I appreciate the toast. On my next trip, I will wear my kilt with honor smile

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I love these kinds of threads! I probably never would have started reading chat almost a year ago if I hadn't gotten addicted to fiddling with my Touring Plans. smile I have nothing useful to add, but wanted to chime in.


I really appreciate the help and comments. I normally just use the TPs to get an idea of what we can do in a certain amount of time, then wing it (yay for formerly low-crowd-Oct/Nov) but since we have to rely on the FPPs only (no paper FP) I'm putting lots of effort into the TPs to maximize the limited FPPs.

One thought off the top of my head is that the 12:00am finish time is confusing things. Try setting it to 11:59pm