I am very grateful for all the information that I have been able to use at Len Testa's Touring Plans

I am very grateful for all the information that I have been able to use at Len Testa’s Touring Plans. Even though I am a long time WDW fan, I usually on go to WDW in December.

This will be my first trip in June for my birthday and retirement vacation. I know that it will be a lot hotter than I am used to in December, but I have scheduled plenty of downtime and going to the parks in the night when it might be cooler and in the mornings.

I love the emails that I receive from Touring Plans.

I just received my Touring Plans email stating that my room request fax has been sent to AKL-Jambo.

And yesterday an email updating the opening/closing times of MK extensions.

I love looking at the Touring Plans menus and just about everything.

Well in four days I’ll be flying down to WDW to check out a lot of new sites at DHS and AK.

Thank you, everyone, at Touring Plans for executing such an excellent website.

Sincerely, Ray


Hi Ray!

Happy birthday and congratulations on your retirement! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating in WDW!

And I’m glad you’ve found this crazy forum where no question is too outlandish and we have a good deal of fun while exchanging information! Hope you stick around!


Yay! Happy Birthday AND Retirement and I hope you have a wonderful trip!

TP and what Len has put together here is just amazing! I don’t need a plan anymore, but this site is full of invaluable information and hidden magic! I will always subscribe. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to follow along on your trip!!!

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Thank you, JuliaMc. I feel the same way as you do.

Thank you, OBNurseNH. I am really looking forward to go to WDW. I used to go every year.

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Happy birthday and retirement! I have had very good lick using the room request at AKL- I hope you do too!

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Happy birthday and retirement! Hope you have a wonderful trip! And I agree, this place is great!

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Hi Ray, Hope you have a terrific trip!

I’ve got more than a dozen years before I likely hit the retirement button, but have been doing some long range planning and earmarked some funds for us to take a trip down when I do.

Gee, I guess that means I have a trip countdown! 4,745 days! :smiley:


Thank you, PrincipalTinker. I have had excellent luck, too.

Thank you, HanMom.

Thank you, JJT. I have been planning for this trip and two more for awhile, too. I waited until this year to retire at almost 68 years old just to earn a little more retirement funds. I am too old to work anymore.


Happy retirement, and have a wonderful trip!

I’ve also found this resource really useful–I go to Disneyland once year or so and feel like I know all the ropes and don’t need to do much planning, but our upcoming Disney World trip is once-a-decade or more, and the planning is so much more intense, so I felt like I needed some help!

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Thank you, dresslera. I have never been to Disneyland. That will be my dream trip. I hear a lot people express your comment about WDW. I hope that you have a wonderful time and fun.

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Have a great time. Love TP - they have found me ADRs 4 times in one week! and that is but one reason I love TP


Thank you, bethro23. I didn’t know that you could do that here. I think that I am okay with my FP+ for now. But that is good to know.

Hello Ray!
Happy Birthday and retirement, what a great place to celebrate both :grinning: I’m sure you’re going to have a super lovely time!
The great thing about being on TP is the wealth of help and advice everyone is willing to give, no matter how small the question. And they are a great bunch of people too, who want you to have the best time.
You must come and tell us how it all went!


Thank you, AllmadhereUK. I will.

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