I am very confused by the touring plans

I am still at my first (half) day (MK) It keeps jumping me all over the park, zig zagging from one land to another and then back. It doesn’t seem logical at all. I’m going early December, the first day won’t start until 4pm. It is an EMH day, and we are offsite. I was thinking of just covering Fantasy and Adventure favorites, and returning to the park on Friday, which is much lower predicted crowds.

So, what’s with the plan algorithms? Any help?

The Optimizer tries to create the best plan for the attractions you selected that minimizes wait time, but it also bears in mind walk time as that adds to your overall plan time. From the sounds of things, it has determined that doing some walking will save you a lot of wait time. There is a slider to adjust the wait/walk preference, so you can tweak that if you want.

Also, try re-running the Optimizer until the plan results become stable. The Optimizer is time-limited, so sometimes it needs a couple of goes to find an optimal result.

Try adding more rides to fill up your plan a bit more. Change settings at the top to minimise walking.

Thanks @brklinck and @mumcalsop.

@tracywag - these folks have given some good suggestions. Try them out, and if the plan still looks odd, post a link to it here, and we’ll take a look. Thanks for using the site!