I am NEVER going back to Florida



That is wholly unacceptable.

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One of our friends, and I WISH I could find the pic, came out of his house to a gator, not as big, but not small, on his door step. The kicker was his marking resembled “LSU” (major college football team, especially down here). It was classic. All he did was thrown some chicken on his lawn to get out is house (gators love chicken), and then called LWF.

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I have a work buddy that grew up in Florida. He said they went a little nuts during mating season. As a teen, of course his car wasn’t in the garage. It wasn’t unusual to see one in the yard, so when he did he’d sidle around to his car.

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Ok, do NOT mess with gators during mating season! Them males are vicious. They croak loudly, hiss and will charge a bit, just to ward u off, they dont usually attack tho… usually.

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We also have these


And of course, these


Who among us hasn’t gained a bit of weight during this pandemic? No need to be rude and point it out.



FYI for future reference. You don’t need to be on Twitter to read a post. You visit it like any website.

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It was trying to make me sign in, lol, the whole log in window covered it, I just x’d out. Now I see it. Thx!

I like to eat alligator. They should put it on the menu at Disney.


This thread is evoking memories of watching some movie on TV when I was young that involved an alligator or crocodile living the sewers of some city or something. I don’t remember a lot of it, but it scared me of going into swimming pools the way Jaws made me scared to go into the ocean (and lakes…and my bathtub)!.

There was this one scene that stands out in my head (pretty much the only scene), where a boy was having a birthday party with his friends. They were playing pin the tail on the donkey, but tricked him by blindfolding him and walking him to the edge of the swimming pool. Of course, the gator was in the pool. And the kid went in…and never came back out.

It took me a while before I started considering enter a pool without first looking for gators!

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You don’t swim in fresh water in Florida. My brothers ( in FL) joked when out, “throw in the dog first to see if it’s safe to swim today !”

Don’t ever, ever, EVER, search for alligator or crocodile videos on Youtube. Just don’t.
Don’t do it.
I warned you…QUIT IT.
You’ll be sooooorrrryyyy!

(Jaws ruined me for life. I do NOT like swimming at night at ALL. Lake, pool, whatever.)

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Someone just posted this on FB. I thought it was germane to this discussion


Ooooooo that is sooooooo cool.

Um, at the risk of sounding ignorant, what exactly are we looking at? That’s not a real image, right? I’ve never heard of gators with bioluminescent eyes…

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Ive seen golden green gator eyes like that at night in the bayou, when u shine a light in their direction. They do reflect off the water as well.


It’s real. It’s the gator equivalent of “red eye”.