I am gonna get laughed at for this one

So I sent in the fax request for a specific room…but I have NO idea where I did that and how to find out what room I requested. The family joining us wants to request something close, but I don’t remember the room number or how to send in the request. HELP! LOL!

Just have them include your reservation number and name in your fax and indicate that they want to be near you. I can’t imagine that’ll be a problem.

Well, that’s my problem…I can’t find my fax. LOL! Is it available to see after I’ve sent the request?

I remember having this exact same problem! Is there an “edit” button somewhere near the room number at the top of your dashboard? That should show the fax wording.

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OH! I see it!!! Let me see if that works. Thank you!!!

Is your trip in the next five days? If it is not you can change it!

Nope. It’s not until June.

Go to your dashboard for your trip and you should see a “Configure Fax” button under the resort name. If you click on that you can go in and edit everything in your fax.

Since I can’t create a separate fax for them, I just added it to the comments/notes section in the request for my reservation. I put their names and reservation number with the room request. Is that good enough?


That is what I would do.

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