I am giving myself a headache trying to plan for MNSSHP

I am giving myself a headache trying to plan our MNSSHP day.
this is the TP that I made but I question the wait times…only 19 min for PotC after 3pm? seems short to me. and then I wonder if we should do splash and pirates at all b/c if we ride them we won’t be able to be in our Halloween costumes b/c I don’t want them to get wet. Maybe we should skip those all together and just show up in our costumes so we don’t have to change. but then I need to re work the plan and get differen fpp. ack! we have one other day at MK later in the trip so we could just do those rides later in the week.
any feedback is appreciated. I’m sure I will change my mind a ton before the date.

Hello! I can’t access your plan, think you have to change the settings on it for us to view.

try this…

do splash and pirates on your other park day. you’re paying for the party, so enjoy the features that the party has to offer. I would skip peter pan. Keep your 7DMT fpp.

For dessert party, I would include the full time, including Wishes. So combine it all together as your dining break. It’s all together anyway.

also, keep HM. There’s at least 2 photo ops around there too that are worth it.

thanks for the feedback. so what do you think we should do before our 4pm appointments at PL and BBB if we skip PoTC and splash? we have 2 fpp’s to use.

You really don’t get wet on PotC though. I think the most wet I got on that ride is a couple drops of water on my face. But if you really don’t want to, go on Jungle Cruise. I would use the FPP definitely for peter pan if you don’t want to skip it because the line is always unnecessarily long.

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Pirates might be ok after the refurb. So actually you might be ok. Just don’t sit in the front. Just in case.

Peter Pan prior to your BBB with an FPP would be a good use.

thx for the help @DarthDopey
I changed it around and got new fpp’s.
I talked to my kid last night and as cool as the HM is during the party I think we will ride before. my dd5 seemed freaked out about it (was a little scared on it last year) and I think she will be too scared to ride during the party since I heard it’s extra creepy with the CMs having make up on and stuff. so we will ride it before the party with fpp so at least we get to do it.
hopefully this plan works better and I appreciate the help

thx for the input. you are right, the PP line is always bad, I changed our fpp for it. we will skip splash this day and hope to not get too wet on PoTC!