I am confused what is this

I do not have a be our guest reservation, and i got this email.....what does it mean
Now for a limited time, you may be able to participate in a test for lunch at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Step inside the Beast’s enchanted castle and experience a meal unlike any before. You can select an arrival window and pre-order meals for your entire party* before arriving at Be Our Guest Restaurant and on the day of your lunch, with your MagicBand**, you’ll be able to breeze by the line, confirm and pay for your order.

Again i never made a reservation

I might be wrong in the, but I think it is an invite for you to get a BOG fastpass for lunch.

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Yep, sounds like the BOG "FP" reservation invite to me.

Yep, it's the standard invitation to make FPP reservations for lunch. Do you have a Disney resort reservation coming up? That's usually where I've seen these sent out, shortly before someone is about to stay on property.

Yes port. in sept

I got an invite to Test their FP system also. It was easy to make the reservation through the website provided. You can preorder your food. We didn't plan on eating at BOG but figured its a highly coveted ADR. Do let's try it! Have fun!!

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