I-4 Ultimate

Can anyone advise on the I-4 construction status coming through Orlando? We’ll be driving down from Carolina country late next week, and was curious on whether or not to take I-4 coming into Orlando, or the Greeneway instead.


I can’t tell you anything really BUT I do know that google maps does a pretty good job of redirecting ppl around construction if you configured your settings for it to do that for you.

Construction Map | I-4 Ultimate (i4ultimate.com)

If you’re traveling outside of business hours, by which I mean 6:00AM-8:00PM weekdays, you’re fine to use I-4. It’s 15 miles shorter and no tolls. The heavy construction is done and the ongoing work now is in the yet-to-open express lanes. It’s at least 3 lanes each direction and the tight curves and profusion of exit ramps have been removed. Between Fairbanks Avenue the the bubble (about 20 miles) I didn’t see any construction barrels or signs in the mainline lanes the entire way, as of ten days ago.

During peak hours I would take the Greenway. You’re going to hit inexplicable slowdowns south of Altamonte Springs, and then again between the Beeline Beachline Expressway and the Disney exits. Short of a crash I’ve never seen the Greenway that congested.

EDIT: I forgot about the rebranding. Ravages of time, I guess.


Thanks! Really appreciate the feedback.