Hypothetically planning a 2019 MNSSHP

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During a conversation with adult Disney friends the subject came up this morning about if we had the chance hypothetically to attend a MNSSHP or MVMCP one night on a three day weekend to get a Disney fix, would it be worth it to go, if you had to pay, but couldn’t go to any other parks, and could only attend the party. My question is, would it worth paying the price for one evening (including airline and hotel cost) doing that? Knowing myself, I’d probably be doing it for the atmosphere and rides, not so much the the meet and greets or dance parties. Some in the conversation said that it would not be enough time because the party would go by fast. Some said going to Disney would be worth it even for a few hours. Others said they would rather not go for a few years, but then use the money to go on a longer Disney trip. My question is what would any of you do?

Definitely wait and go for at least a five day trip. If you are thinking MNSSHP, then give Magical Vacations Travel Agency a try. Late August to early Sept is their Labor Day Special and the MNSSHP generally starts in late August. We did this and saved a lot of money booking Poly and attending MNSSHP.

My husband and I just went for 3 days. We did go to AK one of the days, but would have been okay not going too. We went mainly for the DAH event (similar to MNSSHP or MVMCP). The rest of the time we enjoyed the other things that WDW has to offer - food, entertainment, and shopping. We spent a lot of time at Disney Springs and spent some time touring around other resorts - I would have been happy with more of that, actually! It was a very relaxing trip. We slept in and moved at a snail’s pace. Would :100: do it again!


I would do it.
If I recall correctly, you can enter the park at 4 o’clock on the day of the party. So, you would actually have about 8 hours to enjoy the park.


I am going on a weekend trip at the beginning of December. The only Disney on that weekend will be MVMCP. Yes, I would do it.

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What would happen if you went to Disney and did not go to AK. I’m thinking the earth might stop spinning. :grin:

It is actually possible.

Let’s never find out :wink:

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For me, it would boil down to the cost of airfare. Could I do roundtrip for cheap? The hotel price is relatively set. Airfare from my location could be rountrip $125 or $400+. $125 airfare, YES! $400, DEF NO.

the party itself is worth it, IMO for the rides. you can do A LOT of rides between 6 and 10pm, watch Hallowishes, then the 11 pm parade.