Hypothetical question

My sister and I were talking about the skyliner and how you cannot get a bus to Epcot if you are staying at a hotel with the skyliner. Now suppose you were afraid of heights and would not get on the skyliner. Would Disney provide you with transportation or are you out of luck and find your own way, like Uber or transferring buses a couple times?

Off the subject kind of, but when the skyliner first opened on our first day we were at Wilderness lodge for breakfast and couldn’t wait to ride the skyliner ( I can’t even remember how we got there from the Caribbean, but anyway) and we thought we would take a bus to Epcot and pick up the skyliner. Well duh, we didn’t know the skyliner isn’t at the main entrance of Epcot. They didn’t have buses to the Caribbean from Epcot. We were talking to cast members to explain what happened. Well as luck would have it a bus driver just starting his shift, came along and took us on a bus to the Caribbean. Disney magic!


You’d have to find your own way. You know the transport situation going in so it’s not up to Disney to accommodate you.


I am horribly scared of heights. I get dizzy just looking at people on TV or whatever who are at heights. I was nervous to do Skyliner. But it ended up being a nonevent. I wouldn’t worry.





Oh I’m not worried, I have no problem with heights, but not everyone knows how the transportation system works. Just wondering. Have a great day everyone!


If you wanted to get from CBR to, say, Epcot, you could take a bus to MK and then take a bus or monorail to Epcot. Or go to Disney Springs and transfer to BC or BW. Definitely not the fastest way, but it is possible to circumvent the Skyliner.

Or just whenever you hear lightning, high tail it to the bus stop and they should have one running to the parks on the Skyliner route. :joy:


We used to fly hot air balloons. Lots of people who said they were scared of heights were fine in the balloon. The difference is, in a balloon or on the Skyliner you don’t have a reference point to the ground so it doesn’t really feel “high”. One pilot I knew was fine until he flew over a tower and suddenly had a visual reference to the ground.


I can do Big Thunder Mountain and Seven Dwarfs, but I get motion sick on the Skyliner. Wrap vs no wrap made no difference. I think it’s because the glass (plastic?) distorts the view. I’m so glad we tried it before booking a Skyliner resort.


I prefer not to think of it as “scared of heights.” I prefer to think of it as “super sensible.”

(But whatever, the Skyliner was fine by me.)

(And I absolutely loathed the old Skyway in the MK. That thing was a nightmare.)


similar to sky diving. no ground rush until the last 500 feet or so I think. I can’t remember the point but up till that point the ground is so far away and doesn’t appear to get closer so it feels like flying versus falling and with zero g-forces and so much wind you can’t hear anything. It’s weirdly calming like a depravation chamber.

Hope to never experience that for myself …



To me the Skyliner didn’t actually seem all that high up.

Having been on the Emirates cable car over the Thames, the Skyliner is going to seem very low in comparison, so I hope I’ll be fine.

Stopping half way over the Thames is not something that I enjoyed, but it can happen several times if they need to stop the line for wheelchair / ECV loading on the Greenwich side.