Hypothetical question about dvc rental and magical express

Hoping someone has the answer to this very specific run-on question. If I am the lead guest on a DVC rental but I cannot make it there until the second day of the reservation, as long as I check in online and one of my party makes it on the first day of the reservation, would I still be able to use magical express to get to the resort on day 2? Thanks for any insight/answers.

Yes, you should be able to do this, although best to call and explain your situation. The below is from Touring Plans DME FAQ:

Members of my party are arriving on different days. Can they be accommodated on Magical Express?

Probably, just call ME and let them know what you need. I’ve had WDW trips several times where my husband either arrived a few days after me or left a few days before me (pesky business meetings). In every case, ME had no problem putting him on a bus.

We’ve also heard of guests using Magical Express when they just need to get to Orlando International for a few hours during their trip. The most frequent instance of this is someone needing to collect a minor child arriving at MCO on a different day than the rest of their family. If you’re in this type of situation, call Magical Express and they will very likely help you arrange transportation.

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The online form lets you add different guest’s arrival/departure. Did you have the owner do it? You can do it yourself.


Anyone staying onsite can use DME. Ideally you book it ahead of time but it isn’t actually necessary. That said, you can just book it for yourself separately.

You can use it for one trip from the airport and one trip to the airport during your onsite stay. Doesn’t have to be on check-in and check-out day.


I have the link to make the magical express arrangements but am thinking that this will be a last minute confirmed reservation trip if it ends up happening hence the unsure dates. I have heard that the lead guest has to be present at check in…so, I think my question is actually, is OK if I don’t show up until day two as the lead guest on the DVC reservation? In the context that I will use online check in, so the only way they would know that I was not there the first day is because I would be utilizing DME to come the next day. Thanks for all the feedback so far!

You will need to do online check in. I have not physically “checked in” in years.

DME is actually not really “Disney” . It is a Mears contract. It should not matter at all.

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This. You set up different arrival and departure groups. Super easy.