Hurricane/tropical storm

I know it’s been 11 years since a hurricane hit Florida, and even longer since Disney was impacted, but what’s the protocol at Disney when there’s severe weather? We’re going tomorrow and TD9 is expected to go through Thursday. Hopefully most of it will be overnight. Do the parks close? Probably we’ll stay in our hotel either way, I am just wondering what Disney does, officially. I haven’t seen anything on the parks blog about it. A few years ago, we were “stuck” at Disney for an extra week because Hurricane Irene landed at home and our flights were cancelled. I’ve never been in park during a tropical storm though. Thanks!

Orlando is so far inland that most big storms that hit the state are just some heavy rain and strong winds by the time they get to the city but nothing too dangerous. They can close the parks and have in the past but it’s very rare and it would have to be one major storm to completely shut down.

For TD9, there will be a lot of rain and maybe a bit more wind than usual. Parks will remain open. If there is lightning in the area, many of the outdoor rides will temporarily close and the mono will stop running. Some boat traffic may also be suspended.

Based on what I’ve read from other people’s posts, if there is a “direct hit” by a major hurricane, the parks may be closed for a day while it passes. But as @Outer1 said, Orlando is far enough inland, by the time any storm makes it there it’s much weaker than it was when it made landfall.

@Outer1 and @bswan26, any idea what this might do to flights? Our flight is supposed to get in at 4:40 on Thursday. I’m thinking this is not good.

Sorry, no guesses on flights; it really all depends on the weather over the airport right at the time you are supposed to land - and that can change from minute to minute. TD9 is not supposed to strengthen into a hurricane, so it won’t even be very strong when it hits the coast, and will diminish rapidly once it hits land. If I was in your place, I’d be more concerned with how wet I would get going to and from my car than I would be about not being able to land at MCO.

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We are supposed to land at 8:30pm Thursday. I’m pretty nervous about that flight being cancelled/delayed. There are 6 of us, so not super easy to “squeeze” onto another flight.

I don’t have any guesses on that one… sorry.

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@dismom0104 and @JustKeepSmiling We are supposed to arrive at 10:30 pm on Thursday! Eight of us traveling:) I will be obsessing for the next few days now…

Happy travels!

My husband was able to change our flight (Southwest) to tomorrow with no charge due to the weather. I have no idea if tomorrow will be better or worse. Called Disney to get a room only for 1 night, they said I could add on to my existing reservation and receive free dining. Seems too good to be true! But now we will be there tomorrow!


That’s awesome! I have a full day of work scheduled on Thursday. There is no way we can leave tomorrow:(. Wondering about changing flight to Friday morning?

I just did the same thing! I love Southwest. I think tomorrow should be better, I hope. I don’t have a room yet though. That’s next. Congrats on the room plus dining. That is awesome!!

Have a safe trip @dismom0104. Best of luck to you @jilliusc.


Thank you for the reassurance!

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That’s awesome. It looks like just some rain, less than an inch. Thanks for your reply!

Fantastic! And free dining?! Disney is awesome! When we got stuck there because of hurricane Irene they gave us 2 rooms for $35/night. They called us the vacation refugees. Have a great trip!

Fun thing about Disney’s hurricane protocol…among other things, they tie all the pool chairs together in stacks and throw them into the closest body of water. Once the storm passes, they pull them back out. It is very rare that this is necessary, but it is pretty cool nonetheless!


Storm update from FL for Wed AM. TD9 still has not reached TS strength yet. The track has not changed significantly; it is still expected to make landfall (i.e. the center of the cone) southeast of Tallahassee. Estimated time is between 12 and 1 AM on Friday. Interpolating from the chart, it should be clear of FL by 7:00 AM. That’s not to say there won’t still be rain in the area, but the center of the storm will be past.

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Thanks @bswan26. My SW app seems like it no longer alerts to travel advisories and I missed being able to reschedule for today. I am hoping the flights will make it to NH for takeoff on Friday morning. The weather predictions are looking promising!

My husband is flying tomorrow. I am thinking the flights might still go as scheduled, but I have told him to make an alternative plan just in case. Flights were not canceled on our last tropical storm.

I can’t leave any earlier than 6:55 pm Thursday night. We are supposed to arrive in Orlando at 10:35 pm. Southwest is offering a one time change with no fee. Do I change our flights to Friday morning, hoping the worst is passed by then? Or do I hold tight and monitor?

We are traveling with two other families, one of which is coming from the same departure as us.


Can someone tell me- if the flight is now $500, I do not have to pay extra?