Hurricane Season 2022 & other weather warnings 🐛

Just pulled up the webcam for Ocean Isle Beach, NC - about 45 minutes from the SC border - and the ocean is ANGRY.


The only one that I’ve experienced like that was Allison in 2001. And she wouldn’t leave either! (Very bad houseguest!)

As one local meteorologist put it “Allison basically formed in the Houston Ship Channel.” Very unexpected.

I was on maternity leave with DD21, but went into Houston for a project celebration dinner for work and got caught in it and almost couldn’t make it home. I had a 6 week old nursing newborn at home-I was totally freaking out. I was on an “island” of property at a gas station with a bunch of other people and their vehicles. Some lovely guys in a high clearance truck had scouted a less flooded path to the elevated freeway, and followed me in case I needed a “nudge” through it. Deep enough my floorboard carpets were wet but I made it home.

I think that was Tuesday. Then, Allison circled around and came back and took another even harder swipe at us on Friday. Worst flooding Houston had ever had…until Harvey.


I remember that.

Wasn’t there another about 2005 or so that formed right off Galveston?

Maybe? But maybe they still suspected that one was happening? Allison is the only one I remember that we had zero warning on.

I was supposed to get married on June 9. Needless to say my wedding was cancelled. We didn’t make it home from the rehearsal dinner. Spent the night at the dennys at I-10 and Washington after driving off the highway backwards when the water started rising fast. There were people at the Dennys with us that had to swim out of their cars. Dennys ran out of food so we were all eating ice cream. The wait staff so so very kind and wonderful. Everyone at that dennys was wonderful pitching in and looking after each other. I wasn’t with my fiancé, he slept at the hotel near our rehearsal dinner while I was supposed to sleep at home. We met a pastor at dennys who offered to marry us over the phone since it was clear the wedding wasn’t happening. Allison didn’t surprise us. What surprised us was the level of rain we got in such a short amount of time. We knew she was coming, we just were used to tropical storms not being that bad.


That was the second pass of Allison on Friday, which we knew was coming. It was the first pass on Tuesday that was completely unexpected.

Yeah, we only had 3 hours warning before we started getting the impacts. I was already at the offsite work function so none of us even knew. The media didn’t start talking about it until the warning was issued. Cell phones were just for phone calls in those days, so we relied on the TV/radio media a lot more. Only had internet at work and home.

@janamelia Oh, I think you’re thinking of Humberto? That one we at least had some warning. And the impacts were a lot less significant.

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This is so crazy to see. We’re at our house in Murrells Inlet and thought it was an awful big storm last night. Debris all over the yard. Funny to see it confirmed as a tropical storm. We weren’t expecting it at all.

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Oops, I also meant to say that must have been :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: (but I got distracted by that last article). I can’t imagine how distraught I would have been. Were you able to reschedule? Did you take the Denny’s pastor up on their offer?

Hmmmm… I remember talking to one of my bridesmaids about it before she flew down and telling her tropical storms were nothing and it would be fine. But maybe that was after Tuesday? I can’t remember what day she arrived. We had no effects at my house on Tuesday so I’m sure I’ve blocked it from my memory. I’m sorry you were stuck too. Crazy times.

Cell coverage was very spotty so we couldn’t get my fiancé on the phone. I didn’t actually talk to him until 4 pm on Saturday. Wedding was supposed to have been at 2. We were able to reschedule. I’ll say I was a super relaxed bride the second time. It put everything in perspective for sure.

ETA: Tropical storms aren’t nothing. That’s what I thought at 24 living a good distance off the coast. I prepare much more now with experience. :grimacing:

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Current Colin situation. The layers of formation is really wild.


Yep. Houston has the strangest, most geographically diverse simultaneous weather. :sweat_smile: It can literally be full-on sun in one part of town and a torrential downpour in another. They may (or may not) swap in 10 minutes. Rain bands.

Found the Houston rainfall totals over that week:
Allison made its initial landfall on Galveston Island during the evening of June 5. Allison drifted north to Lufkin, about 120 miles north of Houston. During this time, the Houston area received 4 to 6 inches of rain with isolated totals of 8 to 10 inches…. [On June 7] additional heavy rain, 8 to 12 inches, occurred over the Sugarland-Stafford area of Fort Bend and Harris Counties, west and southwest of Houston, flooding streets and homes…it was in areas previously spared, resulting in only minor flooding…on the night of June 8-9…thunderstorms formed over the western side of the Houston area and rapidly intensified as they moved east. Flash flooding began rapidly during the afternoon rush hour and became widespread by dark. Between June 8-9, five of the six major bayou systems experienced severe flooding, some to record levels. All major interstates were closed due to flooding. Two-thirds of Harris County (Houston) received over 10 inches of rain. Amounts ranged from 2 inches in the extreme west to more than 20 inches in northeast Houston. Greens Bayou received more than 26 inches of rain in about 10 hours.

You’d think with that 23.86 right next to the 1.85 on the west side, one would be an error. But likely it’s not.

This week was another strange one.

First, Louisiana stole the rain we were supposed to get… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then yesterday, the skies opened up…in some places…it was so weird…

^graphic from last night

Our area has reportedly only gotten about 3/4" all week, but I think it was 1/4" in 20 minutes on three different occassions! I really should probably buy my own rain gauge…

maybe this will move some rain your way @amvanhoose


A new outlook area has been introduced in the northern Gulf of Mexico from a decaying frontal boundary leading to the formation of a surface trough. This system has a low chance of development over the next 5 days. (NOAA/National Hurricane Center)

A new outlook area has been introduced in the northern Gold of Mexico from a decaying frontal boundary leading to the formation of a surface trough, the National Hurricane Center said.

In the 8 a.m. update, the NHC said the system has a 20% chance of development over the next five days. However, heavy rains will be possible along the northern Gulf coastline from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle over the next several days.

“Any development of this system is expected to be slow to occur while it drifts offshore of the northern Gulf of Mexico coastline through the middle to later part of this week,” the NHC said

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Our lawn would like that! When we left on vacay, I set the sprinklers a little on the low side, hoping for rain. Yuck…also more dust…


I’ve been seeing reports of that dust cloud; boo. Isn’t supposed to make pretty sunsets? Something to sneeze at :wink:


We need the rain back home to break the latest heat wave. DH’s BFF recorded this today.



I’m so sorry. We finally got dumped on for 1/2 day after a week w/o rain. I’m sure all the little worms were doing a happy dance in my yard.


I will be making my triumphant return to Hurricane Season WDW in September, after 4 years going at other times! My sister (aka Allison, FL Storm Bringer) will not be joining us, as per the agreement we made after Irma that she’s no longer allowed in the state between July 1 and November 1.


@amvanhoose I’m just putting this here because, this can’t hurt conditions for hurricane development.

Y’all made our local tv weather news.


The highs for Thursday on look like they were written in binary. :rofl:



Or highs after Thursday.

eta. Sorry! Read over the word on.

Yes. Definitely binary.