Hurricane Season 2022 & other weather warnings 🐛


The National Hurricane Center’s Friday 5 a.m. predictions of earliest tropical-storm-force winds arrival for Florida. (National Hurricane Center)

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For the geographically challenged, I think I’ve got Mickey in roughly the correct spot.


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Storms this season have already been named.


No one storms like Gaston :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thanks. That ear worm was exactly what my day needed. :roll_eyes:


The tropical storm warning area has been extended and stops just south of WDW.

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I love watching storm tracks near Orlando.

Always brings back previous trip/storm memories.

One of our worst - in terms of precipitation misery - was from a hurricane making landfall in Mississippi.

On the other end of the scale would be Dorian from September 2019.

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At least WDW is on the clean/dry side of this one.

But it’s moved “hurricane season prep” up on my To Do list. :persevere:

DH bought us a portable generator and a portable AC unit, so we now have more options. Which means more (over)thinking.

Previously, it was “if we’re unlikely to have electricity/AC/internet for telecommuting , we’re evacuating”. Equation now changed.

It’s so much better to sort those parameters/action plans when the threat is theoretical instead of imminent.


The multiple waves of ice storms one weekend in mid-January 2007 prompted many in central Missouri to acquire generators. We don’t have the “do we or don’t we” discussions tho we do - at least in our house - have the exercise the generator chore. We might use it in any season but more likely in winter or summer.

At one time I deliberated with switching to a propane carburetor. The rural electric company’s practice of keeping the branches pruned away from overhead power lines has eliminated much of the winter need.

Happy hurricane season. :blush:

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The rainfall potential of what is expected to become Tropical Storm Alex as of 2 a.m. Friday, June 3, 2022. (National Hurricane Center)

Heavy rains will begin to affect South Florida and the Keys beginning Friday and continuing through Saturday. Those areas could see 4 to 8 inches with maximum of 12 inches, forecasters said. “This rain may produce considerable flash and urban flooding,” the NHC warned.

Still looking not-terrible for WDW. Just prepare for periodic wetness. So, largely typical.


A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect running on the Gulf Coast from Bonita Beach south, including all of the Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas, and then back up Florida’s east coast to the Brevard-Volusia County line as well as Lake Okeechobee. Warnings also in place for parts of Cuba and the Bahamas.

In Cuba, heavy downpours brought by the system caused landslides and accidents that left two people dead in the capital, Havana, state media reported. A person was also reported missing in Pinar del Río province after falling into a rain-swollen river. The country’s Civil Defense organization said the main damages so far were to homes and the electricity system. The State electricity company said 50,000 clients were without power.


Volunteers push a boat through a street flooded by heavy rains, to go and rescue a neighbor who is unable to leave his home on his own, in Havana, Cuba, Friday, June 3, 2022. Heavy rains have drenched Cuba with almost non-stop rain for the last 24 hours as tropical storm watches were posted Thursday for Florida, Cuba and the Bahamas as the system that battered Mexico moves to the east. (Ramon Espinosa/AP)

The system became more disorganized overnight, and while Osceola, Brevard and Polk Counties remain under an inland Tropical Storm Warning, winds of no more than 25 mph gusts are expected, said Spectrum News 13 meteorologist Mallory Nicholls.

“Wind shear has been our friend the last couple of days, has kept this system from organizing,” she said. “The worst weather is going to be for the next few hours, but even that isn’t going to be too bad.”

The region will still see light to moderate rain with some lightning as the system’s center is still approaching Florida’s west coast near Fort Myers on Saturday morning, although the majority of its heavier rain bands have already made their way inland. Rain should persist into the evening.


Visitors to the Southernmost Point buoy in Key West, Fla., brave the waves for photos as the island chain is under a tropical storm warning on Friday, June, 3, 2022. Tropical storm warnings were issued early Friday for much of the Florida peninsula, Cuba and the Bahamas as a system that battered Mexico moves through the Gulf of Mexico, bringing threats of heavy rain and wind for the weekend. (Rob O’Neal/The Key West Citizen via AP) (RLO/AP)

They misspelled Scarry


:crazy_face: :laughing: :joy:

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Dry side:

Wet side:

It was a BIG nothing for central FL. It’salot of flooding in southern FL

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Tropical Storm Alex finally forms after flooding Florida

The first official named system of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season finally came in the form of Tropical Storm Alex, but only after it left a soaking wet Florida behind.


@4ljs Y’all ready to ride the tropical storm roller coaster? Sending all the “go away!” energy I can your way!

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Aww thanks! I can’t remember ever having a storm near us this early - a whole 5 days into hurricane season. Water stocked, tub filled, shutters closed and school preemptively closed. It all seems excessive since it’s barely raining so far but better safe…