Hurricane Matthew update

I’m sure many of you know this but just incase - just saw that Disney is closing parks at 5pm today and remaining closed tomorrow at least the last I heard…MNSSHP for tonight and tomorrow canceled as well.
Stay safe if you are there right now!!!


How disappointing! I feel really bad for the people that are are missing out on the park time that many have probably been planning for months.:worried:

We’re supposed to check in on Tuesday. I hope all of this is out of the way by then.

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We are supposed to arrive Saturday.

The storm should be well past, but will Orlando be open for business then? I read a headline on that there are places that may be uninhabitable for weeks, presumably not Orlando proper, but what kind of damage will there be? Who knows?

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Vacations come and go. I’m a lot more worried about the people on the cusp of losing everything they own.


I can actually worry about both, at the same time.


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Very true!

Keep an eye on the long term models this weekend, as some of the computers are predicting that this storm is going to loop around and head back into Florida next week.

I know :pensive: I understand safety first, absolutely but so many months of planning affected so suddenly.

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I was wondering the same. I think WDW is far enough inland to be business as usual within days but I’m not sure.

Its absolutely sad that people are having this ruin their vacations. I am crossing my fingers that by the time I get there any damage will be taken care of. I’m more afraid for the people who live there…they may lose their homes and have their lives completely uprooted by this storm.

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Lake Buena Vista is about 40 miles inland (as measured by me on Google Maps). Currently, Matthew has hurricane-force winds 60 miles from the center of the storm, according to the last NHC discussion, and there’s a 40% chance of hurricane-force winds hitting Orlando.

I read a first-hand account of someone who weathered Charley in a room at Saratoga Springs, and it did not sound like fun. Disney was back up and running very quickly, but Orlando outside the bubble was not in such good shape. She talks about CMs who couldn’t come to work because they had damage to their homes, trees down, no gas at gas stations, power outages, problems flying out, and so on. ( )

And Matthew is supposed to be worse.

Unless the storm alters course and comes directly overhead, I really don’t think Orlando is going to be hit that badly; some of the coastal cities may well be disaster areas. If you are going to WDW and staying on property, I really don’t think there will be any serious issues.


Alright, Matthew, you’ve screwed up my vacation.

Now you can veer out to sea and leave Florida alone.

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When Hurricane Sandy was in New Jersey affected us. My workplace was out of power and many trees were down. We are about 80 miles from the coast. I hope the wind and rain don’t do too much damage at Disney.

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We were also supposed to arrive on Saturday but, Southwest cancelled our flight.

Southwest cancelled our flight on Saturday, too. The cancelled everything from my home town on Saturday and Sunday, by the looks of it.

We couldn’t get a flight out until Tuesday

We rescheduled our flight to Orlando to Monday. We decided to slide our vacation 2 days, so we’re not losing any park days, but our new flights are not as nice as the previous ones, and my wallet took a hit when we rescheduled the return trip.