Hurricane Matthew complimentary disney tickets

I love Disney!!! For those of you impacted by Hurricane Matthew, Disney offered my family complimentary Disney tickets for the missed days. Apparently they are doing it on a case by case basis, but are not really advertising it. You can not plead your case via phone but must explain in an email to an specific address. Just fyi, we did not stay on property, but had 7 day park hopper tickets that began on Oct 2. I was hoping to get one day credit since the park only closed one day. However, we received two days per person. I am not sure if the second day was for the early closure on Thursday, or the Saturday we missed because we were trying to get home. I mentioned both in my email and asked nicely for 2 days. I wonder if anyone received 3, lol? It is good of Disney to do this, the weather isn’t their fault. I am very appreciative.