Hurricane Damage

For those who’ve been down to Orlando this week, how bad is it for those going to Universal (mostly) and Disney (just curious) ? Is there still flooding everywhere? How’s the drive to and from the airport? Are the pools open?

I’m mostly asking because I know the news usually show the worst of it, but was curious to those traveling this week. Did it feel normal?

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We went to UOR and stayed at RPR from Oct 2-Oct 5. There were highway signs posted about possible flooding, but we did not see any flooding from the airport to the resort, airport seemed normal. At RPR, the walkway to the parks was completely open, but there were tree limbs along the side and other debris (leaves, sticks, etc.) Some of the large bamboo (?) were toppled over but they had them out of the way. The beach area was messed up from the flooding. Water levels seemed back to normal but you could see where the water had come up over the banks of the waterway. As our trip went on, workers were cleaning up more each day. I’m sure it’s all (or mostly) cleaned up by now. RPR pool was open as usual. We did not see any damage at the parks and everything was open.

ETA: Crowds seemed light Sunday, picked up a bit Monday-Wednesday but still not too bad. The RPR pool was fairly empty the whole time we were there. I’ve heard that Thursday on through this weekend has been very crowded. I’m sure with fall breaks and the three day weekend plus people changing their trips to this week it will be packed.